217 passengers escape death as charger explodes on Virgin Atlantic flight

A Virgin Atlantic flight has made an emergency landing in Boston after a fire broke out on board following a power bank explosion.

The BBC reports that the plane was travelling from New York to London on Thursday night when the fire started, forcing the crew to divert the flight.

No major injuries were reported and all 217 passengers were safely evacuated from the aircraft at Boston’s Logan International Airport.

Police believe a mobile phone power bank may have caused the fire.

Bomb disposal officers inspected the aircraft after it landed and found a device between the cushions of the seat where the blaze started.

“Preliminary investigation suggests it is a battery pack consistent in appearance with an external phone charger,” a police spokesman told reporters.

That was disputed by one passenger, Maria, who told the BBC she had been speaking to her friend when his seat caught fire. She rejected reports that a phone charger had been the cause.

“It took about two minutes to put it out,” she said.