Abu Dhabi Ports collects over 120 tons of floating sea debris

Abu Dhabi Ports collects over 120 tons of floating sea debris

Safeen, the leading provider of integrated marine services in the Middle East and subsidiary of Abu Dhabi Ports, has collected over 120 tons of floating sea debris in Abu Dhabi waters last year, recycling more than ten tons of the collected material.

The acting CEO of Safeen, Capt. Adil Banihammad said, “The establishment of the Environment and Anti-Pollution Department at Safeen, under the Marine Services Directorate back in 2015, demonstrates Abu Dhabi Ports’ utmost priority to protect the environment, attain sustainability and preserve marine resources and life.

“The department, run by Emirati staff trained to the highest international standards, has designed a special boat which was responsible for the collection of tons of floating debris, such as plastic, wood, ropes and fishing nets in Abu Dhabi waters. In addition, the department coordinates joint actions with all parties involved in protecting the environment and the marine life, particularly coral and sea turtles, and organizes awareness campaigns about the hazards of throwing waste in the sea.”

Banihammad said Safeen remains committed to the continuous improvement, efficiency and performance of the department by running periodical training and drills to ensure the readiness of staff and equipment at all times.

He said the company has all the resources and tools needed for treating and containing level-one oil spills according to the criteria of the International Petroleum Industry Environmental Conservation Association (IPIECA). 

The company, according to him, cooperates with many local and international parties and organizations to contain oil spills.