Akabogu seeks Court’s permission to sue alleged fraudulent importer


A clearing agent, Chukuma Akabogu, through his claimant counsel, Barrister Eno Umoren-Mbaugo yesterday asked the Apapa Magistrate’s Court to grant him leave to serve summons by substituted means on an importer, ThankGod Ahanwa Igboamalu who he claimed, fraudulently defrauded him in a business transaction.

Akabogu, a clearing agent representing Remyrachel Global Ventures Limited, Lagos said he had a business transaction with ThankGod Ahanwa Igboamalu, an importer with Domacath Limited but that the importer failed to pay the agreed amount after he had done his own part of the job.

The claimant alleged that the defendant violated the agreement entered into by the two parties by disappearing from sight after his cargo was cleared from the port, thereby abandoning the outstanding clearing fees even after the agent had used his money to carry out the assignment.

The clearing agent is therefore demanding from the importer the outstanding amount to the tune of N1.2 million.

The Magistrate, Mr T.A Babalola adjourned the matter till February 24.