How can the proposed National Single Window be achieved?

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The infrastructure is already there, it is for all stakeholders to key into it. Provisions have already been made and it is left for the government to put its foot down in doing the right thing by making everybody see the effect of it. The single window should be domicile by only one government agency and the Customs service is doing that already, it is very simple and not a difficult policy. It is just that the government are doing it the political way by forcing agencies to do with cargo movement.

Fred Akokhia


It is a good development by NPA and Customs as long as they can be focused to follow it up and achieve it, the problem the industry have is about not been focus and policy inconsistency. These agencies are proposing the policy now but the problem is, can there be consistency in it until it is achieved? The issue of sustainability is a major issue that needs to be looked into and find a way of establishing it. If they bring up the policy now and they can be focused to ensure that it is kept and implemented, as at when planned, then it will be a good development for our country. It is a welcome policy as long as it is maintained because another government can take up administration and destabilize the whole thing and that is where the fear comes in but apart from that, single window is good for Nigeria.

Fola Ojutalayo


National Single Window is meant to be a one-stop shop that every stakeholder can benefit from as far as data is concern. So far what has been implemented by Nigeria Customs Service has not been comprehensive enough. There is need for independent power supply for the port industry and until there is uninterrupted power supply before the single window can be effective and this requires free flow of information; looking into the portal at any time of the day and night to get information; input and obtaining of information. There is also need for high level of technology that will stand the pressure of the traffic into the portal and need for highly trained manpower to administer it; the technology must be such that it should resist hacking easily into by fraudsters for a successful single window operation.

Osuala Nwagbara


If there is a proposed national single window, what has the Nigeria Customs done so far? Stakeholders have to come together to discuss on the implementation of this single window and the ideas behind it, this is not the first time single window is being talked about and yet nothing has been done.

Zebulon Ikokide

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