Clearing agent defiles 7-year old girl

A clearing and forwarding agent has been arrested by the police for allegedly defiling a seven-year-old girl, Deborah in Afromedia area of Okokomaiko, Lagos.

The suspect, Uchenna aged 29, who is be­ing detained at the Okoko police station, has blamed his wife for his woes. Uchenna and the victim’s parents live in the same house on Surulere Street, Afromedia.

Uchenna, who hails from Abia State said: “If my wife has not kept the little girl under my care, the devil would not have pushed me to commit the dastardly act.

“My name is Uchenna, I am from Abia State, I am a clearing agent at Apapa Wharf. I woke up one morning, as I was about going to work, that was on January 28, 2015. My wife came in with the mother of the girl, the woman was telling my wife to help her look after the girl that she was going out. I told my wife that this is January, I don’t want trouble. I told her to send the girl back before I return from work.

“When I returned, I still met my wife and the child. I asked her why she has not returned the girl to her parents. She said her mother was not yet back. After two days, I still saw the baby with my wife around 7pm, I sent my wife to buy something to cook and the little girl followed her, I thought that both would come back together, but only the child returned.

“I asked her who was pursuing her, because she ran into my room and locked the door. I asked Deborah why she locked the door. It was at that time I saw a woman pursuing her. I came out angrily and asked the woman what happened and she said Deborah stole her candies. I told her to come back and to inform my wife who brought her to my house. In the evening, my wife was preparing food outside, the child entered my room again. I asked my wife why she was still sending the child inside our house, my wife said she sent her to bring pep­per and salt. My wife was cooking outside, and I was watching television when the girl climbed me again and said she wanted to take her bath, I told her to call my wife, who refused to come.

“She came back again and climbed me. I started thinking about what was happening; it was as if somebody sent her after me. As she was on top of my body, I begged Deborah to climb down, but before I knew what was happening, I had started touching her. My wife was cooking outside, but when she entered the house, she told me that something really happened in this house, I confessed to her that something happened, but it was the devil that pushed me.

“I am suspecting that my wife bewitched me. How did she know that something transpired between me and the little girl?”

The victim’s father named Idris said doctor’s report confirmed that his daughter was brutally defiled.

“My wife only begged Uchenna’s wife to assist her look after the kid. When my daughter returned home, she started com­plaining of abdominal pains. I went to a pharmacy store to buy drugs for her. After taking the drugs, the pains persisted.

“When Uchenna’s wife came and saw Deborah crying she became jittery and started telling my wife that something strange happened to my daughter when she left her under her husband’s care.

“So, it was then that I asked Deborah what happened and she told me that she was defiled by Uchenna. I was angry and we went for him, but he had fled. We traced him to Tin Can Island where he was arrested and handed over to the Okoko police station,” he said.

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