Container volumes rise at Spanish ports

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A total of 284.5 million tons of shipments were handled at the Spanish ports in the first half (January-June) of 2019, up 2% from a year earlier. General cargo accounted for 139.6 million tons, up 4.1%, including 98.9 million tons of containers. In terms of number, containerized shipments amounted to 8,783,107 TEUs, up 4.3%. Transshipment (T/S) containers totaled 4,748,871 TEUs, up 4.2%.

Looking at general cargo throughput by port, Algeciras was responsible for 55.7 million tons, up 3.4%; Valencia, 41 million tons, up 7.1%; Barcelona, 34.5 million tons, up 1.6%; Bilbao, 17.6 million tons, down 1.1%; Huelva, 17 million tons, up 8.4%; Tarragona, 17 million tons, up 5.9%; and Cartagena, 17 million tons, up 3.5%.