Customs says PAAR increased revenue by N100bn in 2014

The Nigeria Customs Service (NCS) on Tuesday said revenue generated in 2014 rose by N100billion due to the introduction and implementation of the Pre-Arrival Assessment Report (PAAR).

The Customs Controller, Apapa Area Command, Comptroller Charles Edike, said in Lagos.

“By eve of last year, we had N999.0 billion into our country. Year before, we had N833.39 billion. We are talking about a difference of about N100billion that the goodness of PAAR had brought into our country.

“We must also not because of trade facilitation let government revenue go. We protect government’s revenue then also encourage trade. We as much as possible will not allow anybody to be delayed. We have complaints; any officer that delays even for a minute, that officer will be queried, that officer would be dealt with.

“Last year in Apapa, about four assistant comptrollers were sent out of the command because they delayed. In terms of trade facilitation; in Apapa, we have a target to meet every month but we didn’t use that as an excuse to delay and to keep you people back. We made efforts to move containers to less busy terminals.

“In Apapa, there is so much that we can do in a day and the remaining ones we pushed them out to less busy commands,” he said.

He said the command had moved over 55,000 containers to less busy terminals.
A trustee of the Shippers’ Association, Lagos State, Nicodemus Odolo, said the PAAR regime had stabilised after continuous sensitisation programme by the NCS.

He explained that the beginning of the PAAR regime was rough as many cargoes were trapped in the ports, but said that the PAAR had enhanced revenue generation in 2014 more than in 2013.

“The beginning was very rough where some cargoes were held back in the ports for six months. I was personally involved and I had to go to Abuja to look at the situation, what can be done. After six months, before we get amendment. Ever since then, it has been getting better.

“Now (in) a day you are getting PAAR. The only problem we have is to do with valuation. Even in their own document that they issue- PAAR- Customs will still turn around and query the same PAAR.

“Where does Customs Service get its own value of the item it is saying is undervalued? Every exporting country, there is Customs duty. If you see Customs-approved invoice, the importing countries would accept. Our own Customs men go to market, they go and bring price; it is wrong. That area is where we have problem.
For cargo facilitation or cargo clearance, the idea of PAAR is a wonderful idea and they have succeeded,” he said.

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