Do you support the implementation of the law restricting movements of articulated trucks to nighttime in Lagos?

I will support the directive if the issue of security and the condition of our roads are looked into. As it is, there is no security which is very key for safety of the truck drivers and goods.  Hoodlums waylay trucks at nights especially at Mile 2 and Berger axis so that is where the Lagos State Government has gotten it wrong. If they look at these areas of concerns, it is a welcome development because that is how it is being done in developed countries.

For example in America, truck starts moving by 9pm and immediately it is 5 .30 am they park wherever they are but they have standard security and good roads. The road to Apapa is free but the goods that we are earning our living from are no longer moving. On the long run, this directive will cause congestion at the port. The Lagos State Government should either address the challenge of insecurity or at best the trucks should be allowed to move in single lane without overtaking commercial or private cars.

‎Peter paul

Peter Paul


Yes, we have been looking for a solution to the issue of Apapa gridlock and then the Lagos State Government came up with this idea for trucks to move only at night. In the past weeks, a lot of accidents involving trucks have been happening on Lagos roads so to me it is a welcome idea. There must be a lasting solution to the Apapa gridlock.

The only issue is that there must be an adjustment on the time the receiving companies and terminal operators will load and offload the containers. The government should also provide enough security at least within the Lagos metropolis for the safety of the drivers because that is how it is being done in developed countries. That way the directive will benefit everyone.


Frank Aliako


I think we should appeal to Lagos State Government to call them for discussion. Problems are made to be solved because if everyone is comfortable with themselves and working period is comfortable for everyone, they will call off the strike. We need a lot of response from Lagos State and if truck drivers cannot move freely in the morning, how will they move in the night? It was a major problem.‎ It was done before but it didn’t work and they put an end to it.

The government just gave a blanket order not looking at the possible effect. How many trucks can a terminal‎ load at night and we do not also have a good lighting system on the port access roads. Sincerely, no one would want to put his investment at stake.

Rev Jonathan Nicole

Rev Jonathan Nicole


If the government wants truck drivers to comply with this directive, they should provide streetlights for movement at night, create trailer parks, repair the roads and also attach a police officer to each truck for safety.

Also, no warehouse receives goods at night so how do we discharge the goods? What about bonded terminals? How do they expect them to work? So this directive is a tall order. Accidents occur in other modes of transport and government never restricted them but why are trucks always the scape goats?


Suleiman Adeleke

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