Do you think the creation of another taskforce by the Lagos State Government will solve the traffic problem in Apapa?

Task force will not solve the problem we have on the access roads. Taskforce will only work for three weeks after which they will start collecting bribes from trucks and tanker drivers hence compounding the already precarious problem.

Instead of creating taskforce every day, government should create truck parks where trucks that want to drop empty containers can stay before being asked to come to the port. Also, shipping companies should have holding bays where empty containers can be dropped.


Emmanuel Onyeme


Ambode has not really hit the nail on the head. Setting up a taskforce is not the solution to the traffic problems in Apapa. Rather, there is need for government to firstly build a drainage system that will drain water away from the roads. When drainage is provided then one of the many problems is solved.


All the access roads to the ports must be repaired because they are in a bad state.

Suleiman Adeola


Creating new taskforce is not the solution because we have various taskforces already on the roads, and no one knows what they are doing. We see them in the morning and you think they are working but when the road is blocked, you won’t see them again. So, creating taskforce is not the solution but rather, there should be effective management and effective



Abdul Musa


The coming of the governor is a plus because he was able to get firsthand experience of what Nigerians are facing on the Apapa, Ijora Expressway. Also, with what he said to tank-farm owners and major stakeholders, we hope the end of the traffic gridlock will come soon.

A lot of taskforce groups are on that road but we don’t know what they are doing. Most of them are coming to collect money from Nigerians. Instead of doing their job, they collect money from trailers that come to the ports.

The major thing is to fix the road.


Glory ‎Ndidi

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