Do you think the restriction on movement of trucks to nighttime by the LASG can be sustained?

It cannot be sustained because as there is no guarantee for security of both the driver and the goods. We carry goods worth more than N20 million and without provision of security, if anything happens to the goods, the driver is the first suspect to be arrested. That is why the law is difficult to obey. Secondly, our roads are too bad. Without adequate security and fixing the roads, I don’t think the restriction can be sustained. We are also going to play our part by making sure our trucks are up to standard. Now, we have a task force and a monitoring team that will ensure that any truck that is entering the port must be off standard otherwise, it will not be allowed to load.

Saidi Yasalam   


We cannot force the government to go back to status quo but at the same time, we are Nigerians and we have our own rights too. Let them fix the roads first , right from the port gate there is port hole everywhere when they fix the roads, then they can talk of sustaining the restriction. The restriction is not okay for us and it is going to affect our work because even during the day when we move, the hoodlums still rob us how much more of that will happen at night. We only need to plead with the stakeholders to help us talk to be the government to allow us continue with our work as was been done before.

Sunday Ojo


The restriction is out of place and cannot be sustained because the roads are still bad. It is an eyesore that we have this kind of road leading to the ports which is the gateway to the nation and yet the government is not looking in that direction. Secondly, for security reasons, I don’t think the restriction can be sustained. No security has been put in place, on daily basis we are being hijacked by arm robbers. The drivers are suffering, for days we will be on the queue to drop empties not to talk of operating at night. Who is going to be with them? Is there lives not a risk? The incident that happened at Ojuelegba is most unfortunate but then there are cases that are worst that mostly involve tankers. For the government to say we should work for only nine hours it is not feasible at all and I don’t think it can be sustained. Let them first fixed, then there will be less or no accident. There should also be security lights. If they do their own part, we are also ready to play our part then any driver that is not complaint should be arrested. We have the road safety officers that can do that. What is the work of VIO nad road safety if they cannot impound trucks that are not properly fixed?

Micheal Bamikole


The whole issue in the system is that the government should construct the roads first. The roads are terribly bad and it is the reason why truck falls too often. If the road is tied, we will see less of this accidents happening. The truck drivers too should ensure that their trucks are in good order, then everything will be fine. I am not in support that the truck drivers should be given a specific period of time to work because these roads are constructed because roads are mainly constructed for the trucks to evacuate containers from the port. The government should allow them go back to status quo while the roads are being constructed. Everything is dialogue. There are some commitments government should also look into then the truckers too will be ready to work. We can’t just continue like this because we are losing money.

Ken Kenesile


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