Do you think the Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) and the Port Service Support Portal (PSSP) initiatives will improve cargo clearance at the port?

When the Standard Operating Procedure is implemented, it is going to be like a single window as such where the roles played by various agencies of government and port operators are well inclined, that definitely is going to help. The portal system of Shippers’ Council should be updated regularly now that this initiative is implemented because it is for information dissemination. People need to be informed and communicated to about their consignments and other activities going on at the port.

Dr. Boniface Aniebonam 


SOP generally in complex organisations and management techniques are meant to enhance efficiency and cut the time spent on doing operations at the port. It is meant to harmonise and create efficiency in the port system so that the agencies of government and all stakeholders in the port industry know what to do and how to do it, at the best time and the most efficient way. The SOP and PSSP is an idea that would have come some years ago but it is better late than never. It is a very good idea.

There has been a lot of trial and error and things are done in a way that there is no standard procedure for doing it. Once there is a standard procedure, then the next step will be on how to cut the time spent on it but there is meant to be a foundation on how a standard procedure should operate like: How long will it take you to clear your cargo from the port, who do you meet and what duration of time will your goods spend at the port? With the two initiatives in place, there will be a lot of improvement at the port.

Barrister Fred Aikokia


It is a very good idea. SON, NIMASA, CRFFN and any other organisation can come up with any style of formalities that is not universal but with these initiatives launched, they will all have to submit their approach of doing business so that the government will look into how various companies do their business. This I feel will eradicate corruption in the port and I am happy the Buhari-led administration has interest of the port at heart to be free from bribery and corruption.

Donatus Oforma


The arrangement is still fresh and we hope that every change in the port is for good. I believe that SOP is going to better the situation in the port but if at the end of the day it goes the way other policies witnessed in the past have derailed, then there is no other option than to still expect the great change in the port.

Increase Uche


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