Fashola accuses Jonathan of stalling Lekki port project

The refusal of President Goodluck Jonathan-led Federal Government to pay its counterpart fund of $117 million is frustrating the development of the Lagos Seaport Project in Lekki, says Governor Babatunde Fashola.

He said when he assumed office, he promised to build a seaport for the people which would be a joint venture project between the private investor, the State Government and the Federal Government.

Regrettably, Fashola said the State Government and the private investor had paid their share of the funds to finance the project but the Federal Government had continued to delay the payment of $117 million which is its contribution to the funding.

According to him, he and other State Government officials travelled to Singapore for the project, saying that the design was ready, but that it is the Federal Government that is delaying the project.

In addition, Fashola said his government is collaborating with the Dangote Group of companies on the construction of a refinery in the Lekki area, adding that when completed, the refinery would produce 400,000 barrels of refined crude daily.

He said during the construction process, the refinery would provide employment to at least 8,000 workers which would lead to an improvement in the economy of the area as several sectors would be positively impacted by it.

He gave an assurance that when completed, the refinery would provide employment to at least 2,000 engineers and that the completion of work on the refinery and its commissioning by Akinwunmi Ambode would also bring about supply of electricity to the area.

He said he had recently embarked on a survey of construction companies in Lagos and the result was shocking.

The governor said the result of the survey showed that 50 percent of construction workers had been laid off by their employers as a result of the dwindling economy of the nation, calling on Nigerians to vote out President Goodluck Jonathan.

“If Nigerians failed to vote out this PDP-led Federal Government on 28 March, more could follow soon. In the last 16 years, we have elected a bad government and party at the federal level. In the last 16 years, they have set our nation on the reverse. This is a crucial moment in our nation.

“When I became Governor, the dollar was trading at N115, in less than eight years, the dollar is now trading at almost N230 and we are importing. You see, if we are exporting a lot of goods, it would have been good for young people because economist teaches you that you devalue in order to stimulate export of your own good, so that you can keep your industries running, so that young people can have work. But you can’t devalue if you are an importer.

“Those of you who are going to Hajj and Jerusalem, you should be ready to pay more  than the money you paid last year. Almost times two of what you used to pay. This government said they have given you electricity, is it true? This government has lied about every issue that concerns your lives,” he stated.

He added: “For me, I will not vote for Jonathan in the forthcoming election and I don’t advice anyone to do so.

“Firstly, don’t sell your PVCs. On election day, troop out and vote. Soldiers can’t tell you not to vote. Soldiers are equally hungry, they are not comfortable but they are also managing. Their wives are hungry, they don’t provide for them too. Soldiers are equally affected by the devaluation of the naira against the dollar. Police are not paid, this government is fraudulent.”

The governor alleged that the President and his party had continuously lied to Nigerians on issues concerning them, saying that “they argued that they have given Nigerians electricity but it is not true. They lied that they have not devalued the naira but few days later, the truth on the devaluation was revealed.

“Now, when the fuel scarcity started, they lied that APC was responsible for the scarcity. But the Minister came out to say that the central government hasn’t paid the marketers. And all these show that the government at the centre has lied on every issue that concerns Nigerians,” he stated.


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