How do you feel being enrolled into the NPA Pension Scheme since you were retired in 2006?

Here we are today, everything has been normalised and we thank the management .We are looking for more and more good things from NPA because we know that we still have a lot to gain from them.  My expectation is that the needful should be done. What is supposed to be given to us as our due should be given even without us fighting. It is not even proper that anytime we are looking for something, we must struggle before they will answer us. We served NPA diligently but the manner we were sent away was very wrong.


Comrade Jerome Williams


When you struggle and get what you want, you be happy. We are happy with them and that is why the NPA management are with us today. They are happy with us too. The payment from the last six months they placed us on pension has also being regular.


Gabashi Ala


It is God that fought this battle for us, it is not man so all glory suppose to go to him. If it were man, we can’t succeed. As they tagged the celebration, Liberation Day, it is fitting because we have been liberated from poverty. Poverty is next to blindness. If one is poor, as a matter of fact, the person just exists. He is not leaving. If you have seen the faces of people here before, you will know there are great changes in their appearances. We have been liberated from hunger, stroke and from sudden death. Many of us have died before this time but now we can die no more except may be by natural death. If you don’t have money to take care of yourself you are looking for death and that was where we were before and it was caused by bad administration. But we thank God that he intervened. Now, we expect we get our regular pay at the end of the month.


Itele Clement


We know we are now fully back on the defined benefit pension scheme whereby we are entitled to pension for the rest of our lives. If we have the problem and we did not sing it out, nobody will sing it out for us. All along, we have been holding talks but they never wanted to listen to us until we now came in form of protest and they listen to us.

Of course, it is not them but God. Now, we expect that NPA management will also implement whenever necessary and due the pension increase as it is applicable to the old pensioners on that benefit scheme. That is principally our expectations now. Already there are some backlogs of arrears with regards to that but we know that the old pensioners who had been on the pension pay roll are presently in a kind of prowl because they are in court so we are waiting for them to unify themselves, then all of us can belong to one pension association. That is when the management will also find it convenient to implement the increase that have been in the offing some years back. Particularly from 2008, we are expecting 250 percent increase of our pension salary.


Sylva Akulu

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