I no longer find it easy in Lagos, car part thief laments

Four docked for stealing items worth N.7m at Apapa port
Illustrative picture. PHOTO: Comansu

A 19-year-old, Sunday Abraham, who was sentenced to 38 hours of community service by an Apapa Magistrate’s Court for stealing the water pump of a car said he intends to return to his village after serving the punishment as he is “no longer finding it easy here in Lagos”. 

Speaking exclusively with SHIPS & PORTS after the court had pronounced judgement on him; Abraham said he stole the water pump from the car so he could raise money to go back to his village in Oyo State.

While thanking the court for the lenient judgement, he said he intended to undertake legitimate work to make money.

“My name is Sunday Abraham. I am 19 years old. I work inside Wharf as Labourer. I help in towing vehicles to 2nd Rainbow. Unfortunately, the money I earned is not enough at all. So, I removed the water pump from the car with the intention to sell it.

“But when the owner saw that the water pump was removed from her car and started ranting, I returned the water pump to her. However, she insisted that I must be arrested and locked up in the cell. The following day, I was arraigned in court.

“I actually engaged in such an act because I needed money to go back to my village in Oyo State. I am no longer finding it easy here in Lagos.

“I was born and bred in Lagos without having a formal education. My dad died in 2016 that was why my mum went back to my village and I am eager to see her again.

“I am thankful for the court judgement for sentencing me to 38 hours of community service. After the expiration of my community service, I intend to work as a bus conductor for two days so I can raise money to take me back to my village in Oyo State,” Abraham said.