IOM warns Nigerian migrants of organ harvests in Middle East 

IOM warns Nigerian migrants of organ harvests in Middle East 

The International Organisation for Migration (IOM) has warned Nigerians of a booming organ harvest trade in parts of the Middle East, urging them to beware of fake foreign travel agencies.

According to press statement signed by the National Protocol Officer of IOM-Nigeria, Ikechukwu Attah, the fake travel agencies promise their victims work abroad and help with their travel documents, only to put them in harms way.

“Beware of fake foreign agencies that promise work abroad. They process your papers, pay your ticket and then take you abroad in pretense that they want to get you a job there.

“Instead, they end up killing their victims and harvesting all the valuable body parts.

“A lot of people were offered jobs in the Middle East but up to now their family members cannot trace their whereabouts,“ Attah said.

He said that the “body parts black market’’ was now booming in parts of the Middle East, and advised prospective migrants to always go through proper channels to avoid falling victim.

“The body parts black market business is booming in Middle East.

“One kidney now costs 262,000 dollars, heart costs 119,000 dollars and liver costs 157,000 dollars.

“Let our children and grandchildren be aware of these evil devices,” he said.