‘My worst fear at sea’

‘My worst fear at sea’
PHOTO CREDIT: Todayonline


Getting on a boat for the first time, I didn’t know what to expect. Negative thoughts were running through my mind. What if it capsized? What if someone pushes me into the water? 

My persistent and abnormal fear of water, popularly known as waterfright or aquaphobia, appears to have gone out of control and is already interfering with my daily life. 

I have heard about “water calling out someone” and that if you can not swim, you have no business around the sea or ocean less you drown. I couldn’t have dreamt of taking a boat ride in my life! 

But as it turned out on that fateful day in March, I found myself on a boat! I thought it would be my last day alive. To say I was scared will be an understatement. I was petrified! 

But I was determined to overcome my fear. My simple trick was to shut everything out. I refused to see the water or hear the sound of the boat engine. My telephone and headphone did the trick as I immersed myself in it all through the seven minutes journey. 

Somehow, I survived and I kind of loved it. Now I no longer have to endure grueling traffic jams everyday to get to work. 

You never know how amazing something can be until you build the courage to do it.

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