New Dubai new speed limits along coast

Dubai Maritime City Authority (DMCA), the government authority charged with regulating, coordinating and supervising all aspects of Dubai’s maritime sector, and the Dubai Police have launched a new awareness campaign urging marine vessels to abide by designated speed limits while in Dubai waters. The move aims to promote safe sailing in regional waters to maintain highest standards of maritime safety in the emirate.

The maximum speed limit is determined based on operating conditions and local safety measures. Speed is measured by knots.

A speed limit of 5 knots is to be complied with in the ports of Dubai.

A speed limit of 7 knots is to be complied with in Dubai Creek and Memzer.

A speed limit of 7 knots is to be complied with in the following cases:
• When compelled to enter within 300 metres of the beach area in the case of an emergency.
• When passing within 50 metres of any boat moorage, diving platform, loading dock or ship moorage.
• When passing through an anchoring area of small marine vessels.

These speed limits apply to all areas except the areas which have designated speed limit signs.

Major-General Khamis Mattar Al Mazeina, Commander-in-Chief of Dubai Police, praised the DMCA’s vital role in introducing several maritime safety initiatives which have had a positive impact on the image of Dubai’s maritime sector. He also lauded DMCA’s commitment to develop strict regulations for marine vessels to follow safe driving methods while abiding by the speed limits to ensure safety of all beach-goers under the highest standards of maritime safety in Dubai.

The Commander-in-Chief of Dubai Police commended its strategic partnership with various safety and security-related entities, including DMCA. He further added that the campaign aims to spread awareness among the youth on the best practices for safe jet ski driving is part of the effort to promote maritime safety across Dubai’s territorial waters.

The campaign is the result of the cooperation between legislative authorities and executive entities to achieve mutual strategic objectives of industry-related organisations and departments. It is in line with their mission to maintain a highly efficient, professional and secure maritime environment, while providing the highest levels of maritime safety across all segments in Dubai.

Major-General Al Mazeina explained that the Dubai Police recently signed a Memorandum of Understanding with DMCA to improve shore security by conducting daily night-and-day patrols to ensure seamless operation of marine vessel anchorages. He urged everyone to abide by the laws regulating random water sports in line with the best international practices by developing robust regulations and legislations to reduce human and financial risks while at the same time promote maritime safety standards and create an ideal and safe environment for all types of water sports.

Sultan bin Sulayem, Chairman of Dubai Maritime City Authority, said that determining speed limits across Dubai waters complements DMCA’s ongoing efforts to implement the highest standards of maritime safety and operational management in line with the best practices and in compliance with local and international decisions.

“The campaign serves as a valuable addition to the successive achievements in terms of developing and upgrading maritime regulations and operational strategies in order to promote industry performance, safety, efficiency and competitiveness at regional and international levels. This is poised to facilitate Dubai’s transformation into one of the most developed maritime and trade centers of the world.”

The new speed limit decision comes in line with Dubai Maritime Sector Strategy aimed at organising, developing and promoting the maritime sector to ensure ultimate integration of maritime safety, secure navigation and operational efficiency along the coastline to promote the emirate’s leading position on the international maritime landscape.

Boats, jet skis, water scooters and water bicycles faced a starting fine of Dh2,000 for exceeding the speed limits. Day and night patrols have begun and radar has been modified to catch offenders.

Sultan Ahmed bin Sulayem said the new speed limit law will provide protection for users of beaches, yacht owners Navy, seafood restaurants, boats in Dubai Creek and marine sports enthusiasts.

According to the new law, any vessel or sea craft must maintain a speed limit of 5 knots while entering Dubai Creek and 7 knots in Mamzar area, areas between islands and between islands and the coast of the emirate, coming near 300 metres from the beach (only in emergencies) and 50 metres from any marine, diving platform, loading dock or berthed ships and while passing through places used for anchoring small boats.

Amer Ali, Executive Director of Dubai Maritime Authority, said the fines are as follows: Dh2,000 for sailing faster than the speed limit; Dh5,000for sailing in prohibited places; Dh10,000 for sailing under the influence of alcohol or narcotic substances; Dh5,000 for reckless or unsafe driving; and Dh3,000 for not wearing safety equipment.

Maj Rashid Thani Al Muhairi said statistics showed that irregularities committed by jet skis increased to 139 during the first nine months of this year compared to 74 in the same period of 2013. Offences by naval vessels jumped from 21 to 63 during the same period. The offences included not wearing life jacking, entering forbidden areas, causing nuisance to beach goers etc
Source: Emirates 247

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