Nigerians speak on NIMASA contract award to Rivers APC chairman

The Nigerian Maritime Administration and Safety Agency (NIMASA) recently revoked the maritime security contract awarded by the previous administration to Tompolo. The same contract has now been re-awarded to Snecou Financial Services Company Limited, a firm owned by the Chairman of APC in Rivers State, Davies Akanya.

Oluwatoyin Amao samples the view of Nigerians on what they think about this.

Well, it is getting obvious that this government don’t really know what they are doing. It is more of political interest than the country’s interest. When this government was coming into power, we thought sanity will return to governance but we are seeing the reverse. It is like I as a person no longer understands the so called “Change” we are experiencing. But on a second opinion, what gave you the impression that Sneco Financial Services Company lacks the experience required? You don’t underestimate people’s capability because I don’t think the company has handled such and failed before. That doesn’t mean it can’t handle it. Those who have been doing it did not come from heaven. Moreover, I am sure he will employ experts to help in handling the contract’ Tompolo is not a citizen that should be given such contract in the first place because he is a rebel leader; so I don’t see any reason why the government should give out the security of our nation to a rebel leader.

Olupona Ayodeji

Akute, Lagos.


The revoking of maritime security contract hitherto awarded to former militant leader Tompolo by NIMASA is a welcome development because such a crucial contract should not be awarded just to fan the whims and caprices of a former militant leader as evidently portrayed by the GEJ administration. However, the award of same contract to Davies Akanya’s Snecou financial services is just like putting an old wine in a new bottle. The reasons are not far-fetched; Akanya’s company wasn’t awarded the contract based on expertise or technical ability to professionally execute the project. The company was awarded the contract based on his political alignment and romance with the current administration. Hence,  it high time president Buhari mandated the NIMASA DG, Dakuku Peterside to revoke the award of the referred contract to Akanya with immediate effect and award the contract based only on merit to a non-partisan individual or group of individuals.

Abdulrasheed Yusuf
Ojodu Berger, Lagos

First and foremost, it is a welcome development. NIMASA revoking the contract awarded to Tompolo by the previous administration is not coming to me as shocking news because it’s long overdue and “Tompolo” we all know or heard about is not fit for the contract in the first place. Now, giving the contract to APC Chairman in Rivers State is a two side thing. It may be wrong to some people, and it may be right to some people also. What i am interested in as a person is; can the APC chairman company in Rivers State carry out a good job? If yes then let him have the contract and if No let them give him another contract where he has the capacity and skills to work. Giving a contract to APC members or someone that has worked for the success of the party in the last presidential election is not a wrong thing at all. Remember the current wife of the President, Aisha Buhari said Mr President is not giving positions to people that helped him win the election. So now, giving a contract to members that have worked hard for the success of Government is a good way to say thank you. But they must do the contract given to them and not pocket the money as it was done in the previous administration. Remember not every member want a position in government because they don’t want their name to be known everywhere. Let the contract be done in the right way. 

Adepuji Olatayo 

To start with, the best hands should have any job or jobs. What is worth doing is worth doing well.

To buttress my view, the popular Niger delta son of the soil, Chief Tompolo could have been awarded the said contract with an influence he had in the country’s last administration. The yardstick to checkmark his credibility towards the execution of the project could have also been compromised. He, Tompolo was not the only bidder for the contract as at when it was  awarded to him.

However, having the same contract awarded newly to the state APC chieftain should not be a shocking move. Favouritism and nepotism has not only eaten deep into our governmental system, but has immensely contributed to our normal day to day activities.

Let’s take for instance, a famous political tyrant in a  popular state in our country, who unquestionably awards most parts of the state projects to just one particular construction company, CCECC to handle all projects especially roads, drainages, to mention few.

Conversely, what we have at play now as regards re-awarding a contract which was formally handled by Tompolo, but now to the company of the APC state chieftain could not be judged from just a mere critiquing. It’s a replay of what has taken the order of the day in the past.

Lastly, this case which revolves around security contract should be carefully monitored by NIMASA itself in order to have a firm and safe security. Also the said contract should be made open to new contractors.

Salami Ahmed


Well, I believe or think all these politicians are the same. There is high possibility that this present contractor won’t do the work or if at all he will, he won’t do it perfectly well so that the contract can be rewarded again to him since he knows there is high tendency of APC winning the presidential election by 2019. But things can be done right probably if there is close monitoring of the contract as the president has been doing because contractors and civil servants  now work diligently, effectively and efficiently.


Raji Abiola


As a matter of fact,i am not directly too involved with security matters on our water ways, security service have been a major issue on our water ways. I think strategically the NIMASA has handled the maritime security only from the major human capacity to play with. I want to say that a direct accusation on a person’s ability will result to resolve into either a negative result or positive satisfaction especially when you know the level of capability of such person. I think if the new company is lacking the requisite capability to handle the security contract, perhaps the contract should be revoked, because to me it’s like trying to encourage a gap between what a merely average person would do to give its best when we know what the best person could offer. From my own point of view, experience isn’t just the best teacher but evaluated experience is because that has always been our problem with whoever is in charge of a particular unit. I think to resolve this issue, the proper hands needs to be given the proper support regardless of who he is or who they have worked with. This will increase the efficiency level and increase our confidence of our maritime industry.

Olabanji Tunde


Well, my view on this is that political power seems to have been used and I feel there is something good in that but also the government should make sure there is proper follow up on the execution of the contract in order not to allow the repetition of what happened during the era of Tompolo.

Kadri Akeem



This is not meant to be the game of politics because we are talking about contract here and I feel it is meant to be awarded to the one who knows the job very well and not just because you want to please someone or group of persons. In my opinion, he who the cap fits let him wear it and not just anyone.


Korede Martins


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