Nigeria’s oil workers suspend strike

Following the intervention of the Federal Government through the Supervising Minister of Labour & Productivity, Alh. Kabiru Tanimu Turaki, SAN, and after a protracted meeting which lasted for 13 hours (5pm to 6am this morning) NUPENG and PENGASSAN has suspended its ongoing strike action.

In attendance were: Permanent Secretary, Federal Ministry of Labour & Productivity Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Petroleum Resources Representatives of NNPC, AMCON, NNRA, OGFTZA and DPR representative of the Department of State Security Services
Representatives of Mobil, Total E & P Nigeria Limited, and Naoc.

The following is the MOU reached at the end of the meeting:

Memorandum of understanding reached at the end of the meeting held by the honourable supervising minister of labour & productivity, alh. kabiru tanimu turaki, san, fciarb, between the leadership of nupeng, pengassan, and relevant stakeholders on thursday, december 18, 2014 at the conference room of the honourable minister, federal ministry of labour & productivity, Abuja

The Honourable Supervising Minister of Labour & Productivity, Alh. Kabiru Tanimu Turaki, SAN, FCIArb, held a conciliatory meeting on December 18, 2014, with NUPENG, PENGASSAN, and other relevant Stakeholders to address the issues contained in a Communiqué dated October 31, 2014, jointly issued by NUPENG and PENGASSAN.

2.         The meeting noted that the members of NUPENG and PENGASSAN are currently on strike over the issues raised in the Communiqué under reference.

3.         At the end of the very productive deliberations, the following conclusions were adopted:

i.            Transfer and Termination of the Port Harcourt Zonal Secretary of PENGASSAN, Mrs. Elo Victor – Ogbondah by Total E & P Nigeria Limited: Agreement was reached for Mrs. Elo Victor – Ogbondah to be reinstated.

ii.            Petroleum Industry Bill (PIB): The meeting noted the benefits associated with the Bill but regretted the delay in passing by the National Assembly. It was suggested that the FML&P, MPR, NUPENG and PENGASSAN should meet on the subject to decide on the best productive line of action.

iii.            End of Contract of the Port Harcourt Zonal Treasurer of NUPENG Ikohesa O. Ikohesa by Mobil Producing Nigeria Limited: The meeting appealed to the Mobil Producing Nig. Unlimited to request the Contractor Messrs Halden Nig. Limited to reabsorb Ikohesa for employment.

iv.            Casualisation, Contract Staffing and Outsourcing: The meeting noted that the Guidelines are still subsisting and the Trade Unions were advised to submit the names of companies defaulting from the Guidelines. Furthermore, it was noted that the Guidelines have been submitted to the Office of the Attorney General of the Federation for gazetting as Regulations. Also, the need to update the Guidelines in view of the changing world of work was identified.

v.            Sustenance of National Minimum Wage: The Trade Unions stated that it is a national matter to be handled by the two Federations of Trade Unions (NLC & TUC)

vi.            National Security: The Trade Unions expressed their concerns on the matter of kidnapping and expressed its negative consequences on the industry and country. It was noted that the issue of security challenges is global and that the Federal Government of Nigeria is committed to protecting its citizens.

vii.            Bad Roads: The Trade Unions listed the bad roads as stated in the Communiqué of October 31, 2014. They stressed that the worse of them is the Eleme Onne leading to Port Harcourt refinery and alternate roads to WRPC as well as PPMC Depots in Warri. The meeting was informed by the Permanent Secretary, MPR that FERMA and FMW have been informed and a palliative work was requested. However, due to the very bad state of the roads, contracts have been awarded for their total rehabilitation.

viii.            Refineries Turn Around Maintenance and Crude Oil Supply: The Trade Unions demanded for TAM on the refineries and regular crude oil supply. They also opposed the sales of refineries without due consultations with the Trade Unions. This issue was stepped down as no comment could be authoritatively made at the meeting on the state of the refineries.

ix.            Seawolf Oilfield Services: Due to the absence of the representative from AMCON to comment and explain the situation, the matter was stepped down. FML&P will follow up on the issue and ensure amicable resolution of the trade dispute.

x.            Non promotion of staff in PTDF (2012, 2013, & 2014): The Permanent Secretary, MPR assured the meeting that the matter is being handled, and concluded that the issue would be resolved by the end of January 2015.

xi.            Unionisation in FTZ: The meeting agreed that the matter of unionization in FTZ is no more an issue as the right of the worker to belong to a trade union is unquestionable based on both national and international labour laws. It was noted that the problem currently encountered in the FTZ is that of identifying the right Trade Union with jurisdiction to unionise the workers.

xii.            B. K. TUBULAR: On the jurisdictional issue in the company, the South South Zonal Director of Labour has been directed to conduct in situ investigation in the company in order to determine the line of its activities for the purpose of identifying the appropriate Trade Union for the workers in the company.

xiii.            PTI Upgrade: Resolved

xiv.            OOCL & Hydrodive: FML&P to ensure gazetting.

xv.            PETROBRAS & SUDELLETRA: PENGASSAN requested the FML&P Headquarters to intervene.

xvi.            Transfer of Deputy President of NUPENG from Lagos to Port Harcourt by NAOC: Resolved

xvii.            ARCO Petrochemical/NAOC/GE: matter was addressed by the Ministry of Petroleum Resources and ARCO was directed to commence negotiation of new CBA with the Trade Unions which will form the basis of determining the terminal benefits. ARCO was directed to continue the negotiation with GEON to agree on amicable settlement.

xviii.            NNRA: The Trade Unions demanded for salary adjustments in line with that of NNPC. The meeting pointed out that salary issues are subject to due processes and subsequent approval by His Excellency, Mr. President. The Trade Unions were advised to initiate the due process accordingly.

4.         In view of the foregoing Understanding, it was agreed that no Trade Union Official/member shall be victimized for his/her participation in the strike, and NUPENG & PENGASSAN suspends the ongoing strike in the industry.

This Memorandum of understanding reached at the end of the meeting was signed.



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