NIS restates N3m optional fine for possession of multiple passports


The Nigeria Immigration Service (NIS) on Wednesday said it was a criminal offence for anyone to possess valid multiple Nigerian passports.

The Cross River State Comptroller of NIS, Funke Adeuyi, said this at the state House of Assembly during the public presentation of the Nigeria Immigration Act 2015 and Nigeria Immigration Regulations 2017.

Adeuyi said having two valid international passports was a criminal offence that attracts three-year jail term or N3m fine.

According to her, anyone who is caught in possession of two valid Nigerian passports will be arrested and made to face trial in a competent court of jurisdiction.

She said, “If anyone is caught and upon conviction in a competent court of jurisdiction, the person will be made to pay a fine of about N3m or face jail term ranging from six months to three years.

“It is a criminal offense to have two valid Nigerian passports. If such a person is caught, the person will be made to pay a fine of about N3m or face jail term.”

Adeuyi said the significance of the new Act was that it has criminalised a lot of immigration-related offences.