PHOTOS: The world’s tallest airport indoor waterfall

Changi Airport, Singapore known to be the best airport in the world for its beautiful public attractions and range of facilities has opened the tallest indoor waterfall in April 2019. This waterfall is a rain vortex and it is 130 feet tall.

PHOTOS: The world’s tallest airport indoor waterfall

The rain vortex, designed by Safdie Architects, sends rain water collected and recirculated seven stories down from the roof in a circular waterfall. The water flows into an acrylic funnel that creates reversed water at the ground level.

At the top floor of the airport, the rain vortex is surrounded by a canopy park, which allows viewers to walk 80 feet above the ground while viewing it. Also, at the ground level, it is surrounded by a forest valley with about 900 trees and palms and 60,000 shrubs.

At night, the waterfall turns backdrop, projecting beautiful light and sounds.

PHOTO: Changi Airport.