More reactions trail 2017 budget proposal


Talking about the 2017 national budget, I must say that it has raised a huge level of mixed feeling about its certainty of yielding a good result. As much as we intend to remain positive as good citizens of this nation, it is an indisputable fact that our minds will skip whenever we get to think about the 2016 budget and the near zero result that could be proclaimed from it. Despite the huge drama around its approval, Nigerians predicted a very robust economic outlook from the 2016 budget. This is because they believed it was scripted by our so called political messiah. But I must say the result achieved was indeed robust in reverse. I personally consider it a waste of time and effort to bother myself with the 2017 budget. This is because the 2016 budget yielded no result that could be pointed at. Instead, innocent citizens were faced with drought, harsh economic situation and even the loss of guts and impetus that no one can stand to raise a voice in solidarity. The federal government should make available packages that will reduce the level of poverty in the country. People are indeed hungry, go to the grassroots and see for yourself. Several corporations have shut down due to the downturn in the economy. We should bring a reform into place very fast as to bring the situation back to normal.

The federal government should stay away from the regular copy and paste practices. Furthermore, when it comes to budgeting and management, we have to utilize a transparent accounting procedures and a proper measure to monitor budget execution. It is not in my place to lampoon the government, rather it is only expected of the presidency to educate properly its citizens on every activity of its administration. This is because the citizens will be able to see the positive effort of the government in bringing the country out of the current economic pit that it is in. I still believe strongly that this country will be great someday and I must as well acknowledge the fact that this present government inherited several problems from its predecessor – insecurity, Niger Delta crisis and corruption amongst many others. The government should endeavour to raise the bar positively and gain the commendation of the people rather than its condemnation. I hope the 2017 national budget would yield expected results and lead the nation out of the odyssey of poverty.

Habib Taiwo
Lekki, Lagos


Yes, with the percentage of capital projects which is 30% now and this is far better than what we used to have, That means a lot of money will be pumped out into almost all sectors. The social intervention in the budget will cater for the poor, sick and unemployed. The amnesty increase will reduce the onset of the militants.

Temitayo Fayehun

I want to believe and trust that the 2017 budget will take us out of recession. The Minister of Finance must sit right and make sure this budget works for the good of this nation. The Minister of Works, Power and Housing in person of Babatunde Raji Fashola must also work like never before. Also, he must make sure all pending projects are followed up and completed as soon as possible. The Minister has a lot of work to do to bring us out of this current recession. This is because his ministry controls the highest in the national budget and also, the Minister of Transportation, Rotimi Ameachi must work effectively because his ministry controls a lot from this budget. We need power, our roads must be fixed. Furthermore, housing for the poor and railway must work; in order for us as a nation to come out of this mess called recession. When all these are put in place, there will be infrastructural development, productivity and employment for the Nigerian people. Finally, i hope the budget is not padded by our honourable reps and senators.

Olatayo Teriba Adepuji


The budget will be financed through the recovered loots whereby it won’t give much stress to the federal government to finance the capital project proposed or budgeted for next year. I think the budget will take us out of recession because there will be avenue for more job opportunities through the capital and recurrent budgeted expenditures. Therefore, if the budget will not be delayed and tampered with like what the National Assembly did with this year’s budget, things will go on well and there will be more positive changes.

Raji Taofeek Abiola


Well, according to what I heard from analysts on issues like this, I feel it will indeed lead to the end of recession. The foremost reason why the recession was in place in the first place was due to the padding of the 2016 budget. This was done by some unscrupulous self-centred people who only think of themselves and their benefits, the only way forward is to try to speed up the 2017 budget. This will help to check the ripple effect of the recession as it is terribly affecting Nigeria and its vast citizens in economic, political, social and other spheres. With all these said, I strongly and hopefully believe that the 2017 budget will successfully lead Nigeria out of this present and unfortunate quagmire.

Ademola Yemi


Yes I believe if well planned because the budget is higher than last year budget. Each ministry has improved with 2016 budget and will do even better with this new budget since there is increment in the budget. Also, to most people they are yet to see result especially in the agricultural sector. But work is going on and we will start seeing positive changes. With this budget, I feel we are going out of recession.

Femi Kadiri


Having gone through the 2017 budget, I feel it is good Nigeria wants to be more dependent on things produced at home. This can be good increasing small medium enterprise (SMEs) and growing our local industries but we should also focus on things we can improve on for exportation. It depends on availability of fund to actualize the budgeted expenditures, budget is funded with money. With the availability of funds and its right use, I believe the budget will take Nigeria out of recession.

Aisha Abdulsalam

Surulere, Lagos.


The budget will make the recession high and it will bring down the moral fundamental value in the government system. Also a major setback on education, social amenities, infrastructure facilities, revenue allocation, electricity bill and so on. The budget has increased tariff plan; even electricity and a lot more things and the mass public are complaining. I think the 2017 budget has not reduced the recession but rather increased it.

Nana Abdullahi

Lokoja, Kogi State