Should government review the waiver regime granted some manufacturing companies?

Over the years that government has been granting waivers, Customs have been meeting their revenue target. Also, we should know that no economy will grow without government granting waivers for some business men and women to create jobs but I can only urge the FG to do away with any that has not affected the economy of the country positively.

Also, FG should profile the waivers granted and test them against the backdrop of why they are granted to the business owners to know if they are performing or not. This is how to look at a growing economy.

Waivers are granted to grow the economy, to improve tourism that will create jobs and accrue more revenue to government coffers. Government should however do away with anyone that has not impacted on the economy of the country.

David Kanikwu



Why do we grant waiver in the first place? It is a leverage to importer or exporter to continue to do well and when it is not there, they complain and when they ask for waiver, it is to ameliorate the rate of doing business.

If you grant waivers, it will reduce costs of producing goods. Waivers are not responsible for low government revenue. No matter the billion customs collect, it won’t reduce price of goods but lead to inflation and some industry will suffer because of the benefit they get from government though it has its own short coming because it can stifles the growth of indigenous companies in the country.

Alex Okuwashi



Everybody need to sacrifice and personal sacrifice is needed, even God alluded to that. And now that the country is stressed, we expect all stakeholders to sacrifice and we at shippers’ association have been saying that. So when it comes to waiver, president, vice president, senate and house of reps speaker should be given waivers and not all members of the assembly especially when it comes to goods that need customs duty. All of them should pay, even in advance country everyone pays.

The Federal Government should restructure the waiver and do away with all political waivers. Every one should be asked to pay his duty on goods that they are bringing into the country and since shippers are sacrificing, everyone should also sacrifice to make Nigeria great again.

Rev. Jonathan Nicol



To a certain degree, government should review the waiver though to have a robust manufacturing sector, there is need for waiver but government should do away with granting arbitrary waiver. We should go back to the drawing board to know what should be granted waivers and what not to rather than saying someone is a political friend and we give him waiver to bring in something that does not add value to the economy of the country. You can’t just say you are a manufacturer without structures on ground then going around looking for waiver. I think government needs to sit back to review what they are doing to get the best out of the reason why waivers are granted.

Eugene Nweke

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