Tips on how to avoid falling victim of Customs auction scam

Customs car auction scam

Members of the public have been falling to the antics of fraudsters who post fake auction advertisements purportedly by Customs in the social media.

Below are tips on how to avoid being a victim:

1.    Don’t be fooled by online advertisements for car auction as customs does not place auction advertisements on the social media

2.    Customs does not auction or sell vehicles online

3.    Be wary of those who are posing as Customs officers online. Many are fraudsters who are out to defraud Nigerians of their hard-earned money

4.    No genuine Customs officer will offers to sell you auction vehicle online

5.    Customs only advertises items to be auctioned on its official website, detailing the procedures to follow by members of the public

6.    Before you pay for any vehicle, request for the documents and take those documents to any Customs command near you for verification

7.    Do not transfer money into the account of any individual for car auction

8.    At present, Customs has suspended all forms of auctions