Tunisian navy rescues 93 illegal migrants

Tunisian navy rescues 93 illegal migrants


93 illegal migrants of different nationalities, including three Tunisians, were rescued on Monday off the southern coasts of Sfax by a unit of the Tunisian navy as they were attempting to illegally get to the coasts in Europe.

A statement issued by the Ministry of Defence said they were on board a fortune boat that landed at about 42 km northeast of the port of Safx due to bad weather conditions.

The rescued persons, among whom 37 women and four children, said they sailed from the coasts of El-Amra, a locality of the region of Sfax, intending to get to the Italian coastline.

They were taken to the fishing port of Sfax where they were handed over to the units of the National Guard of the region, added the statement which did not specify the nationalities of all the migrants.