US marine academy hosts “Shipping-Out Fair” for Class of 2015

The United States Merchant Marine Academy (USMMA) held its annual Shipping-Out Fair for the Class of 2015.

The event, which was coordinated by the Department of Professional Development and Career Services, welcomed 28 maritime unions, vessel owners and operators, military representatives and maritime-related Federal Agencies.

“These employers are all seeking members of the Class of 2015 for obligation fulfilling employment”, said Captain Eugene Albert, Department Head, Professional Development & Career Services. “I am confident that the Class of 2015 will return to sea after graduation.”

First Classmen are excited about the many opportunities that will be available upon graduation. Midshipman Margaret Queally, said, “It is encouraging to see that so many companies travelled to USMMA for this year’s Shipping-Out Fair. As a student, you always hear about the different opportunities and jobs available after graduation.

However, it is the job fair that lets us students really see and interact with the different maritime companies.

During our sea year, we only get a small glimpse of the maritime industry, it is through these events that we see all this industry has to offer and all the different opportunities we have while fulfilling our obligation.”

Midshipman Bueal Thomas George discussed his future plans.  He said,  “I like ship handling.

I want to be a mate and one day a captain of an Offshore Supply Vessel (OSV). I am excited about the opportunities that the companies at the job fair are offering!”

The graduating class has reason to be optimistic; the Academy proudly maintains near 100 percent job placement.

Meanwhile, Captain Bob DeStafney, Acting Commandant of midshipmen at the USMMA, officially recognized the Class of 2018 as Midshipmen.

“I am extremely proud of this class.  Recognition is the capstone event for what has been a very challenging year for the plebes, individually and collectively.

“Their classroom performance has been superb, and in the Regiment, they’ve demonstrated the kind of unity and integrity that comes through commitment and discipline from individual members of the class.

“The Class of 2018 has been very impressive since day one of Indoctrination. They have more than earned their recognition and I am expecting great things from them over the next three years, and beyond,” said DeStafney.

The plebes assembled in Ackerman Auditorium for a scheduled regimental period, not knowing if they would hear the long-awaited announcement. After a briefing by Commander Andrew McCarthy, supervisory training officer, they were told that they had five minutes to change into boiler suits and muster information by company for stretching and physical training. They were then directed to several stations to commence with recognition activities.

Regimental Commander, Midshipman Jerick Sablan, 1/c, addressed the Fourth Class.

He said, “Class of 2018, congratulations on completing all the steps for recognition and becoming 4th class midshipmen.

“This is a milestone in your career here, at Kings Point. It is my distinct honor to welcome you with open arms into the Regiment of Midshipmen.”

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