What do you think can be done to transform the transport and logistics sector?

A lot needs to be done in the sector, like in the area of the ports. The congestion on the road to the port should be addressed and the bottlenecks removed. At a point people did not know that Apapa port is still in existence because the thought of heavy traffic confronting one comes to mind when going to the port.The government should do something about the trucks that stay on the road causing gridlock. Also, logistics is all about delivery; you have something you want to deliver; it should be delivered as fast as possible to the recipient. When there is congestion, definitely it will be an impediment to the delivery.
Queen Ajayi
In my own opinion I believe that professionals should be allowed to do their job. How do I mean? By we the professionals recommending transport policies to government. It doesn’t matter who sits in the office, what matters most is that there are adequate policies that can move the sector forward. In the transport sector, there is a lot to be done. What opportunities are the government giving to professionals? They should be allowed to make decisions in this sector.
Aisha Ali-Ibrahim
I think government need to recognise this industry as the key sector and therefore put in place policies that will ensure that we have best and higher standard narrowed in logistics and transport industry; then of course once the policies the government has given is recognised, there is the need to have appropriate regulatory framework to safeguard this industry or leave it to the desired goal. An important factor is that this sector which is the transport and logistics has to be adequately taken care of in the national budget, because it is the key to any social economic activity and also government should support the industry to the highest order. Another sector is the human resources factor; there should be adequate security for everyone.
Dr. Doreen Owusu-Fianko

First of all, human capital is critical to the transformation of this sector; the policy that comes out from the federal and even state government is also very critical. I still feel that the number of stakeholders that are qualified to take quality decisions should be engaged by government, so that we are able to come to a point that true policies that come out from highly skilled individuals are crafted. If for political reasons, government cannot appoint a technocrat; they should surround the technocrat with qualified persons in the transport industry.
Francis Ehiguese


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