What do you think of Amaechi as Nigeria’s Transport Minister?

Amaechi is a very nice, humble and honest man. He is the man that people need in the transportation sector. I believe he is the best person for the role as Nigeria’s transport minister that’s why he was appointed there because he is not corrupt, he is a God fearing person and at same time a good Christian by the way he talks and carriage.

We need change in Nigeria especially in the transportation sector which entails the Land, air, water and rail transport. If you check the transportation sector, you will see that corruption persists there and I know that Amaechi is the person that can change everything.

Victor Emmanuel



Amaechi did well when he was the Governor of Rivers State in terms of investment in road network, education, health, agriculture and human capacity development. I believe he is suitable for the role as Nigeria’s transport minister, if not he wouldn’t be appointed. When he was the Rivers State governor he made an attempt to build a monorail which would have been the first in the country, though it wasn’t completed and properly planned because such a project is long term.

My advice to him is to have an interactive session with major stakeholders in the various parastatalsunder his ministryon how they can be improved especially the aviation and maritime sector.

Yemi Johnson

Surulere, Lagos


In my opinion, I believe that Amaechi is not a credible person because when he was the governor of Rivers State, we couldn’t attest that he achieved anything. He was among those who came up that they want to change things in the country but since they have been in power we have not seen any changes instead of things getting better, they are getting worse.

My advice to the transport minister is that he should go round the states where airports and seaports are located, see the challenges then look for ways they can be solved.


Surulere, Lagos


Amaechijust started as the Minister of transport in Nigeria, so far so good he has visited the Lagos ports so I think we should give him as well as their administration time because I believe they will excel.  Before he must have been giventhe portfolio as Nigeria’s transport minister I think they know he would perform well. He may not be the best person for the role but then let’s still see the best he can do.

There is so much work for him to do because the transport ministry covers a range of sectors from rail, sea and air. Most of our roads in Nigeria are bad;he has to work hand in hand with the Minister of works to ensure they are fixed. Down to the aviation and shipping sector, he also has a lot of work to do there because some of our airports in Nigeria are not in good standard compared to those outside the country.

Okechukwu Henry Chidiebere



It is unfortunate that Amaechi is Nigeria’s transport minister because to me he doesn’t know much on transportation. In the maritime sector, he is expected to understand maritime issues because he is from Niger Delta but I doubt if he truly knows much. For example, barely few months into being the Minister of Transport, the maritime university was cancelled by the Federal Government which would have helped a lot of Niger Deltans. In my opinion, Amaechiis not the right person to head the transportation ministry.

I don’t have any advice to give the transport minister in terms of solutions on what can be done to boost our transportation system because he would not take it as relevant or necessary. When a government has a direction and you bring up a solution it would be a waste because I know that this government has a direction which is an agenda that they want to meet.




RotimiAmaechi is a man with integrity and commands respect. I believe he would be able to revive the transportation sector especially the maritime industry in Nigeria because a lot of things went wrong in the last administration but I believe with his position he will be able to make a point in the transport ministry.The role given to him as the Minister of Transport suits him, we have professionals but yet he was chosen by the government to head that ministry because they know he will perform well. I would like to advise him to work on curtailing the gridlock in Apapa by improving on the road systems.


Ojuelegba, Lagos

What I will like to see is a situation where the country has a policy direction, we say this is what we want to do in terms of transportation then create a clear cut policy. For instance, saying this year we would work on our railway or airways and so on that is what we expect. Amaechi was a governor and he tried his best but so far I have not seen any quality statement as regards what is to be achieved under his ministry.

If you are a minister there must be certain things you will set out to do, orders must not come from a particular place before something is done. The ministers in the past came out to say what they wanted to do and they did it. This time it’s like people are not sure of what to do, which is not the best.




I think Amaechi is fit to head the transport ministry in view of the fact that he was a governor of a state for 8years. Transportation is key to the nation’s economy. I think he can do it if he puts his mind and intellect to it.

My view of the shipping sector has been shaped by many articles. I have read on shipping in Nigeria and it is funny that a small country like Liberia has more ships than Nigeria because it has an easy policy of registering ships in its flag. I think Nigeria needs to liberate the possibilities of registering ships in the flag of the country. It is a global village; the era of trying to make everything difficult for others to have is wrong. Countries that let others register ships with their names or flags get dues though they have conditions. The transportation system is poor in Nigeria right now. We are not using alternative means of transportation, for instance in Lagos more than 85% of lagosians can’t swim yet we are surrounded by water. We should train our children to swim just in case of a tsunami. We should explore this mode of transportation, Ikorodu is close to Lekki but you would have to drive miles to get to Lekki by road when a ferry can take you.

Juwon Coker

Surulere, Lagos


Amaechi was appointed as the Minister of Transportbecause they believe he would be able to revive the transportation sector especially the shipping aspect. He had issues during his appointments but he scaled through. If he can revive the sector people like me may be able to work there because i am a sailor and would like to work on a ship and learn more about shipping.

With an improvement in the sector I am sure my situation would also improve as there would be job opportunities. He should also work with our Ministry of works to ensure our roads are repaired and in good condition to enable one travel with ease when going to the eastern region.


Calabar, Cross River


Amaechi doesn’t have to be the best to do the job as Nigeria’s transport minister.  All he needs is the basic awareness, mastery of what it takes to run a ministry.  Although, we are getting into a world which expertise, capability, competence are now required in whatever field.

I don’t know the limitations of the transport sector now because it deals with all forms of transportation. I know that the shipping sector needs serious radical overhaul, those who know overtime have called and yelled for more government intervention to address critical issues concerning cabotage, control of cargoes and so many issues in the sector that are outstanding which if addressed will do more to benefit the country.

Pap Arumonor

Aguda, Lagos


I believe Amaechi will do a good job as the transport minister from what he did at Rivers State. I hope he has a good plan for transportation and steps up the sector thereby providing solutions to the problem we transporters face at the grassroots level.

Olanrewaju Rasaq

Orile, Lagos


Amaechi to my best of knowledge is a crook. Secondly, I don’t think he knows anything about transportation. The fact that he built a monorail in Rivers State doesn’t mean he knows transportation as a sector in Nigeria. He’s just a square peg in a round hole.

He is not the best person for the role as a transport minister because he doesn’t have any knowledge about transportation as far as Nigeria is concerned. Being an ex-Governor doesn’t mean you would know about transportation but since he is already the Minister of Transport, i would like to advise him to improve on our rail system. In the shipping sector, the cabotage law should also be implemented.


Surulere, Lagos

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