What is your opinion on the Federal  Government’s plan to audit NIMASA and NPA?

If it’s in line with government policies, there is no harm in doing that because we all know that there have been leakages in the past. So, if it’s for the government to verify what has been happening in the past and what is happening now. I think it is a welcome development, if it can be done thoroughly. I emphasise the word “thoroughly’ because we all know a lot of money has gone here and there without any commensurate investment in the industry itself. It’s about time the government did such.

Captain Adewale Ishola

When audit is set up, it is to find the dirty linen or whatsoever but it is not like that. Mostly, the government wants to see what structure you have on ground and how that structure is performing. If there is need to change the situation and then set up a kind of guideline for those who are going to implement it. Because you never know how good an agency has being doing until it has been audited.  So, auditing the two parastatals which are the key maritime parastatals is the best way to go.

Otunba Kunle Folarin

It is the normal thing to do because where you are spending public funds, there must be accountability. If we have not been doing that in the past, is good to do it now especially with the body language of the present regime.  I think it is a good thing and we also need to know what has happened in the past because that is one thing that I find difficult to understand in Nigeria. We do away with history. History helps you to know where you are coming from, where you are and where you are going.

Margaret Onyema-Orakwusi

Yes, it’s a good opinion. It is good once in a while to look at their performance template and see how the Agency can deliver its best. We, as a country, are not yet there, whereas Nigeria should be a maritime nation. In the maritime, it is one way traffic, we are only importing, we are not exporting and that is a minus. In terms of ship ownership, we are not registered in international shipping. We don’t have a single Nigerian flag vessel trading now. On the cabotage, everybody is crying that foreigners took over. I think what the honourable minister is trying to do is very good for the Agency.


NIMASA and NPA auditing is necessary. NPA has been there for a very long time with a man who is their MD. He is docile and not really doing anything. So the audit is in line. NIMASA also has spent so much money on contracts and I think this is one of the few things that the minister of transport has got right while other things are to be refocused. NPA needs to be audited because they have spent almost close to eight years or thereabout and nothing to show for it because we don’t know their functions yet. We want to know about all the money they have realized and what they have used it for.

Lucky Amiwero

Why not! If the Federal Government has being doing that before, there won’t be any need to take the leadership to EFCC. I think it is in the right direction, so everyone would be put on alert in order for anyone not to do anything bad. This is a very good one from the Federal Government.

Dr. Zebulon Ikokide

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