Which Minister deserves to be re-appointed by President Buhari?

Temitope Rufai

The Minister of Power, Housing and Works in the person of Fashola should be re-appointed because when it comes to electricity, a lot has been put into place and I can say that most people are now enjoying electricity. Minister of Transportation, Rotimi Amaechi also deserves to be re-appointed because when you look at some of the roads, a lot has been repaired and some under construction. I urge the President to re-appoint these Ministers so they can complete the works they have already started. I remembered when Fashola was Governor of Lagos State; he has been committed right from then. I stand to be corrected, but I doubt if any other person can execute such portfolio like him. He is a determined person when it comes to infrastructure, someone who is concern about the plight of common Nigerian citizens.




Abiola Raji

Babatunde Raji Fashola should be re-appointed because he tried with the three portfolios given to him. He excelled the most in the Ministry of works assigned to him which is very glaring to us but the remaining two ministries were too cumbersome for him, hence the reason why not much was achieve. If he is to be re-appointed, he should be appointed solely for Works and another person or persons should be assigned for Housing and Power because it’s not easy for a person to handle the three ministries and be expecting prompt effectiveness and efficiency. When we talk about security, roads, unemployment, light and so on; we are still nowhere to be found compared to other countries. The President and the past ministers are all there for ceremonial purpose.



Lekan Kamal

I would say the Minister of Agriculture, Audu Ogbeh. I wouldn’t mind if President Muhammed Buhari (PMB) can retain him because he has performed well that everybody can see what he has done. He has added value to the agriculture sector in the types of new polices we have seen since 2015. Also, the Minister of Works, Power and Housing, Babatunde Fashola, has done well. The Minister of Water Resources, Suleiman Adamu, has introduced professionalism into the water sector. I can say that there is much improvement in the water sector. I will plead with the President not to wait for another six months after inauguration before announcing his ministers. He should release the names immediately. This is his last term and he needs to bring in more. There is also a need to re-appoint the Minister of Information and Culture Lai Mohammed, because he performed credibly and should be retained in the next cabinet.




Goke Sowemimo

The Minister for Works, Power and Housing, Babatunde Raji Fashola should be re-appointed because he has performed excellently well in the assigned portfolio. His performance made a good stand in the achievements of President Buhari’s administration, through pro-activeness; he is able to distinguish himself from other Ministers. With this, I feel he deserves a re-appointment in the Buhari administration.







Ibrahim Saidu

The Minister of Power, Works and Housing in the person of Babatunde Fashola has performed credible well and also the Minister of Transport, Rotimi Amaechi has made this administration stand out. In positive light, the railway revolution and maritime reforms should earn the ministers in charge of this ministry a re-appointment to avoid disruption of the already recognised good works that require continuity.









Kelly Onyenenue

Babatunde Fashola is one minister I feel should be re-appointed because he made Lagos State what it is today when he was the Governor. When it comes to electricity, a lot has improved and also the issue of collapsing of building in bad conditions. He is transparent and for me, he is not as corrupt as the other Ministers in Nigeria.














Uzoma Chukwu

I would want Fashola to be re-appointed because he has performed very well in his portfolio. For instance, the issue of electricity has been drastically improved on and almost virtually most places have electricity, though not regular. I feel continuity with the job assigned to him, will ensure completion of all the projects.










Hakeem Adenuga

Ministers like Fashola and Amaechi. For Fashola, he is determined and committed to see that everything under his portfolio is effective. The electricity and most of our roads are in good condition and even the bad ones are been fixed. If these Ministers are re-appointed, they will complete what they have started and continue to do more.










Emmanuel Obi

I want Fashola to be reappointed because he is a man of action and he keeps to his words. I remember when he was the Governor of Lagos State, during his tenure there was nothing like trucks on the road and gridlock. He takes his time to inspect projects and he is a man of continuity. I believe if he is given another chance, he will do better than he has done.










Chukwuemeka Obi

The Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development, Audu Ogbeh and Minister of Transportation, Rotimi Amaechi should be re-appointed in the President’s next cabinet because they have put all their efforts to make things work and improve the economy. I know there are some ministries that President Buhari holds dearly like petroleum, finance, solid minerals, rural development, transportation, education, health, and agriculture. These ministries should be handled by professionals. I will suggest that the ministers to be appointed should not only burden themselves with the responsibilities within their portfolio; but also be team players that will bring new and feasible ideas to generate development in all spheres of the society. Also, I will urge the President that in his second term, the ministers to be appointed should be individuals whose senses of judgment is centered on the challenges of unravelling the future for ordinary Nigerians.


Lawrence Uzo

The Minister of Power, Works and Housing, Babatunde Fashola. To be honest, even though we don’t have 24 hours electricity yet in Nigeria, we all know changes has occurred to electricity in the country generally compared to the past administration. I remember how we all use to lament in the past about power outage before his appointment, but now it has reduced. These days, it is difficult to stay for several days without electricity except there is a major damage. I believe things can get better if he is re-appointed.






Jide Olaitan

Babatunde Raji Fashola, the Minister in charge of Power, Works and Housing because he is a man of his words and his works are seen in action. He takes his time to inspect every project he sets out and he sees that it is well completed, I feel if he is re-appointed he would complete all the works started.