Winners of 7th Ships & Ports Annual National Essay Competition

How do you feel being one of the winners of the 7th Ships & Ports Annual National Essay Competitio?n?

I’m excited to be one of the winners. Its actually my first time of entering for the competition. I only heard about it in 2010 by that time, it was already late for me to enter for the competition because I saw it three days to the deadline. But this year, fortunately I saw it a couple of weeks to the deadline. The whole journey was really exciting because I got to learn a whole lot about the shipping industry which I had no clue about. So the research, writing process and getting to know about how the shipping industry is run was an enjoyable experience for me. And then to cap it up with winning the outstanding essay prize, its really satisfying. So its an enjoyable experience for me. I’ve been writing for years and I always encourage young people to read and write because our reading and writing culture is dying. I’m a writer and I would definitely want other people to read and write. Also I believe the destiny of this country depends on the youths. We need to begin to value the right things and then see how we can collectively move the country forward.

Anthony Itodo Samuel


I feel so elated and I say thanks to God Almighty who made it possible and I thank the organizers of the event, Ships & Ports Communication company. I have been participating in all the editions except for the first one. And for the young ones out there, they should try to read and write more because knowledge is power as it is always said. There is no way they can advance if they don’t read and if they are not knowledgeable in any field they want to engage themselves in.

Okeke Christopher


I feel very happy because this is my first time of participating in this of competition and I thank God that everything went very well. I am one of the recipients, I thank God for that. I pray that God will bless Ships & Ports and that they would continue to do their good work. Whatever it is, we are going to support them. Thank you very much. To the young ones, I want to advise they should also participate in this kind of competition. I have a son who just passed JAMB but they don’t read. Every time I keep disturbing him. If you don’t read, you cannot pass, it’s very simple. They must try to read because when you read you will have knowledge that would make you compete with other people successfully. You can see what happened today (last Wednesday) we are proud and we are very happy.

If we don’t read, we won’t be able to do what we have just done now.

Godwin Esogwa


I feel great having won the essay in the best research category. I’m very happy. Hopefully next year, I will come back and win the overall prize. This is actually my first time of participating but I want to assure you that next year, I’ll clinch the prize. I want to appreciate Ships & Ports Communication company for the effort. As a matter of fact, before this time I have never heard of any details about how the maritime sector operates. But this essay competition gave me the opportunity to learn more about the maritime sector and I am deeply encouraged. I want to appreciate all the sponsors too. The company should keep it up and hopefully it would be better next year.

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