20-year old Nigerian missing after yacht party in Ukraine

20-year old Nigerian missing after yacht party in Ukraine


The parents of a young Nigerian in Ukraine, Caleb Obari-Mark, have solicited help from Nigerian and Ukrainian authorities over their missing son.

A Ukraine-based news website, Kyiv Post, reported that Caleb “disappeared while taking a boat trip in Odesa”.

It noted that Nigerians in Ukraine are alleging racism after the Nigerian graduate got missing.

20-year-old Caleb was said to be a fresh graduate from Ukraine’s Sumy State Agrarian University.

The platform reported on Wednesday that Caleb attended a yacht party at the invitation of a woman in the southern city of Odesa on August 20.

The Ukrainian police are said to be investigating the circumstances surrounding his disappearance.

According to reports, two private divers have been engaged to explore the Black Sea, in case he drowned.

In a video that surfaced online on Wednesday, Caleb’s parents pleaded with Nigerians in Ukraine to assist with information on their missing son’s whereabouts.

Mark, who is Caleb’s father, in the video, said, “My son who just graduated from Sumy State Agrarian University is missing. It is very unfortunate. We never expected what had happened.

“On Thursday, I got a call from the embassy that my son was invited by a woman for a party and when they came back, they came without my son. I was surprised, so I had to call the embassy back. I also called the school.

“We are not happy and comfortable. We don’t sleep again. That is why we have decided to escalate this matter and get to the root of it. Who took this boy out and never returned with him? We want every good Nigerian in Ukraine to come into this matter. This could happen to anyone if we take it for granted.”

On her part, Caleb’s mother expressed concern over the circumstances surrounding the disappearance of her son.

“I am looking for my son right now. He was invited to a surprise party to drive on a yacht. Caleb did not return. I strongly believe that you (the host) are hiding him somewhere. Our son must be found. This is my belief. I believe that wherever my son is held hostage, he would be found. I believe he is safe and would be found,” she said.