Abu Dhabi Ports launch Smart Container Initiative

Abu Dhabi Ports launch Smart Container Initiative


UAE’s Abu Dhabi Ports has launched the Smart Container Initiative aimed at cutting carbon emissions with the help of environmentally friendly technologies.

Powered by clean energy, the solar-panelled steel and aluminium smart container uses environmentally friendly technologies such as in-row cooling, renewable energy and efficient space allocation that will reduce Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE) by more than 20% and will slash carbon emissions by half.

The prefabricated containerised data centre runs a wide range of mission-critical applications including port and terminal operation systems, visitors passes and other digital customer services.

Captain Mohamed Juma Al Shamisi, Abu Dhabi Ports group ceo, said: “Abu Dhabi Ports’ Smart Container Initiative reflects our commitment to devise and accelerate sustainable eco-friendly digital transformation solutions that not only advances the economic and technological prowess of the emirate but also falls in line with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) put forward by the United Nations.

“Global maritime organisations need to reassess traditional ways of conducting business and to seek out sophisticated alternatives especially during times of economic upheaval,” he said.

Abu Dhabi Port said that a crucial element in its digitalisation venture lies in its ability to offer differentiation through hybrid cloud architecture. Its adaptation enables Abu Dhabi Ports to respond faster to digital demands, control costs and provide more competitive pricing to its customers.