Air France jet makes emergency landing due to electrical problem

Air France

An Air France jetliner flying from Buenos Aires to Paris dumped some its fuel in mid-air and made an emergency landing in Paraguay because of an electrical problem, airport officials and the company said Wednesday.

The plane carrying 274 passengers was diverted shortly after takeoff  Tuesday to the Paraguayan capital Asuncion because of a smell of something burning in the cabin of the Boeing 777, said the Director of Asuncion airport, Ruben Aguilar.

An electrical element was determined to have overheated, he added. It was replaced and the plane is scheduled to leave again for Paris later Wednesday.

As a safety precaution, the plane released some of its fuel prior to landing, Air France said. At the time of the incident, its tanks were full for the 13-hour flight.

No one was injured.

Video taken by a passenger and broadcast on Paraguayan television showed smoke coming from the wing area.

But Aguilar said this was actually the fuel because when it is released in such cases, it comes out of the tip of the wings.

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