‘Flight diversion will boost hotel business in Kaduna’

Do you support the diversion of flights to Kaduna airport over repair of Abuja airport runway? 

The National Hotel Association of Nigeria, on Wednesday said that the diversion of flights from Abuja to Kaduna would boost hotel and other businesses in Kaduna state.

The National Secretary of the Association, Jijiwon Akpovwovwo said that hotels in Kaduna would record a lot of patronage.

“We are optimistic that the hotels business will peak, our expectations are very high,“he said.

The Secretary said that security has been beefed up in all the hotels in Kaduna for the safety of customers.

“We assure our costumers of their safety because the government has provided security in all hotels in Kaduna.

“Without security no country can develop, so security is the bedrock of development,“he said.

Akpovwovwo said the association was committed to providing quality services to its customers.

Flights to Nnamdi Azikiwe International Airport, Abuja was diverted to Kaduna following the closure of the airport for six weeks to rehabilitate its runway.