How has the bad port access road affected your business?

It has really affected everyone’s business because there is no road to get to Apapa anymore. Many companies operating at Apapa does not function. They have all relocated to other places due to this same bad road. As a freight forwarder, getting to work on a daily basis is a difficult task. When you get to Tin Can-Mile 2 road, there is no way at all, same for the barracks road that leads to Apapa. One has to spend three to four hours getting to his place of work or business and within this period of time, you won’t be able to do anything. The government should come to the aid of the people and fix this road because it is through this same access road that a lot of money enters into the government treasury.


The port access road as it is now is a serious hindrance to business at the port. It has impacted business in a negative way. That road is a dead trap because on a daily basis one records fall of one or two containers loaded with items from the port. For instance like a truck loaded with 40foot container, you can imagine the content of the container getting damaged. Definitely, no positive impact done at all and also, when a client is expecting his/her goods and due to the bad road there is a delay, the client feels may be the container has not arrived or he has been duped not thinking it may be due to the bad road which creates so much traffic hold up.

Amalu Jude

I don’t know what the minister of transport is doing to the road which is the nation’s get way to the economy because it has already become a death trap and we have people who are in charge of this watching how the road is becoming worse every day. Is he waiting for containers to fall on the DG of NIMASA and Shippers’ Council before the road is fixed? The road is getting worse every day, truck operators are charging very high as a result of this. There is no amount of load you can put on a truck that will make the container not to fall on a very bad road. It is only an experienced driver that can drive on that road and they have to access creek road before going through Burma Road and other routes and yet nothing is done, with all the money government is generating. We have never had it so bad in this country; this is really a worst situation. Government needs to make hay while the sun is shines. Fashola came to inspect the road and he promised he will do something about it within the twinkle of an eye and yet till date, nothing is done. The masses are suffering and even the railway that is been promised is not done.

Hamzat Bojuri


This is an issue nobody can discuss, it has become an eyesore and everyone is frustrated because of this road. Trucks loaded with containers are falling on the same road every day and transporters are increasing money to load containers that is if there are containers at the port because Apapa road cannot be accessed with any vehicle apart from one trekking or boarding bikes and if one is not careful, the bike rider and the passenger will fall off. In this era of change, government should find something to do about this road and it is within their power to do it.

Francis Maduekwe


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