LNG terminal: Marine pilots warn of danger to public safety

LNG terminal: Marine pilots warn of danger to public safety 


Malaysian marine pilots have warned that a planned LNG terminal in Port Klang near an existing cruise terminal would jeopardise public safety.

The newly planned LNG terminal and storage facility at Port Klang would be located on Pulau Indah adjacent to the Bousted Cruise Terminal which handles some 500,000 passengers.

Maritime Pilots Malaysia president and chairman Martin Lim said that the location was not suitable given the dangerous nature of LNG as cargo and was hazard to the public, including pilotage, navigation and the environment.

Lim reiterated that any potential development at Port Klang should not violate public safety at large especially the passengers and crew at the cruise terminal and other port users.

He said if the planned LNG terminal went ahead, “It will undeniably affect the operation of the cruise terminal and eventually the Maritime Cruise Industry in Malaysia too.”

He urged Port Klang Authority and the Malaysian Ministry of Transport to seek an alternative location for the terminal.