NAGAFF inaugurates trade facilitation team




The Apapa chapter of the National Association of Government Approved Freight Forwarders (NAGAFF) has inaugurated a trade facilitation team.

Chairman of the chapter, Eze Uchendu, said the team will carry out “surveillance” at the port and investigate “any infringement on the law or rights of freight forwarders”.

“Most Nigerian importers have been complaining of delay in cargo clearance and extortions at the port so we are coming in to stop delay in clearance of cargo from the custom port,” he said.

Uchendu said that the key functions of the team include providing guidance and support to freight forwarders on latest regulations, requirements related to import and export procedures, customs clearance and other trade related issues.

He said the team will work with relevant government agencies such as the Nigeria Customs Service, Nigerian Port Authority, NDLEA, DSS and terminal operators to ensure efficient and timely clearance of goods at the port.

“We would achieve all these because my men would always be on ground at the port to report any anomaly like containers that are not examined. Most of them have been in the industry for a while so, they are professionals. If they find anything incriminating, they will report to the association.

“Also, if they come across freight forwarders who have been pushed to the wall by government agencies, they will report to me.  The essence of the facilitation team is to fast track cargo clearance and to stop illegal extortion of money from our members,” he said.