Niger Delta Avengers threaten ‘bloody’ attack on Chevron workers, gives firms two weeks to quit

Niger Delta Avengers, the militant group responsible for the recent destruction of pipeline and oil facilities in the Niger Delta has warned Chevron Plc not to carry out repair works at the valve platform that was blown up by the group last week, until its demands are met.

The militants threatened to attack the company’s workers and tank farms, including the one in Lekki, Lagos.

In an online statement signed by its spokesman, ‘Col.’ Mudoch Agbinigbo, Niger Delta Avengers said, “From our investigation, Chevron Plc is about to carry out repair works at the valve platform that was blown up by us (Niger Delta Avengers). We made it clear that no repair works should be done until our demands are fully met.”

According to the group, Chevron has been operating in the Niger Delta region for over 40 years and no day passes without their terminals having electricity, while the host communities and villages around the terminals lack basic amenities like portable water, schools, hospitals, roads and electricity.

“They have a pact with the federal government to undermine the people of the region. When we blew up the Chevron Valve Platform it resulted in total blackout in the Escravos Tank farm for more than three hours. If we can do it just know that we are capable of bringing down your tank farms if you continue with repair works on the blown valve platform.

“Chevron and the Nigerian Government are pushing us to do that which is against our wish. Despite making it clear that we are not after innocent human lives but the way they are going, we will not rule out human casualties.

“Be informed that if we decided to strike, it is going to be bloody. And to the contracting firm going to do the repair works, we want you to know that your facilities and staff will be our first casualties.

“We want to warn Chevron that the heavy presence of military in the creeks will not stop us from carrying out our operations. We are ready to destroy more pipelines. We will not only destroy pipeline, but will bring the fight to your tank farm and your headquarters in Lekki, Lagos,” the group stated.

The violent militant group also issued a two-week ultimatum to owners and operators of oil blocs in the Niger Delta area to shut down their business operations and evacuate all their staff or face a ‘bloody’ attack.

”To owners and operators of these oil blocs in our region, the Niger Delta Avengers is giving you two weeks ultimatum to shut down your operations and evacuate your staff.

”If at the end of the ultimatum, you are still operating, we will blow up all the locations. It will be bloody. So just shut down your operations and leave”, the group warned.

The group claimed that at least 90 per cent of the platforms was owned by people outside the oil-producing region, stressing that it would shut down the companies permanently.

”There is a rumour that oil has been discovered in the North East. How will you feel if this newfound oil is being managed by Niger Deltans? We are very sure the Niger Deltans won’t even have 2% oil bloc if oil is really found in the Northeast. If you don’t shut down we will shut your stations permanently for you”, the group said.

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