NLNG reiterates commitment to cleaner environment

NLNG, Bonny

The Nigeria Liquefied Natural Gas (NLNG) has reiterated its commitment to sustained supply of cooking gas to the local market, to boost domestic consumption and a cleaner environment.

The company’s Manager, Media Communications, Tony Okonedo, disclosed this in a statement in Lagos on Friday.

Okonedo said that the Managing Director of Nigeria LNG, Tony Attah, restated the commitment during a visit to key Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) facilities in Apapa.

Attah said that the assurance became necessary to ensure the use of cleaner energy for the health benefit of Nigerians and for a cleaner environment, in line with the mission of the company to help to build a better Nigeria.

According to him, NLNG is the biggest receptacle for gas in the country and its contribution has changed the game in the nation’s gas industry.

“We have since helped in the reduction of gas flared in the country from 65% to less than 20 per cent.

“And as part of our vision to help build a better Nigeria, we are focused on the sustained supply of LPG in a bid to deepen its usage in the country.

“Also, to promote a healthy environment, and reduce deaths from inhalation of smoke from the combustion of dirty fuels,’’ he said.

Attah said that the volume of LPG in the market was less than 50,000 tonnes per annum, before the NLNG intervention in 2007, and since then, deliveries have been on the increase with 262,000 tonnes delivered in 2016.

He, however, said the total domestic consumption was at over 450,000 tonnes, adding that the company was focusing on a better environment through steady supply of LPG.

The Deputy Managing Director of Nigeria LNG,  Sadeeq Mai-Bornu, said that there were opportunities for partnerships with Nigeria LNG and businesses, to create employment from new business opportunities, thereby reducing poverty.

Mai-Bornu said that Nigeria LNG was the arrowhead of the Federal Government’s drive to reduce gas flared in the country and was committed to ensuring reliable supply of the product for a cleaner environment.

On his part, Kudo Eresia-Eke, General Manager, External Relations, Nigeria LNG said, “As part of NLNG’s constant advocacy in helping to build a better Nigeria, it is focusing on supply of LPG and has currently dedicated 350,000 tonnes per annum for the domestic market.

He said that the visit of the management of NLNG was to explore new ways to enhance the flow of the product into the market, so that its price can be reduced and the product becomes easily affordable.

“Before the intervention of Nigeria LNG in the local LPG market, the product, like all other petroleum products in the country, was imported and sold to marketers for distribution and retail supply to consumers.