Nigerian footballer arrested in India with hard drugs

India arrests Nigerian footballer with 10g of hard drugs

A 40-year Nigerian footballer identified as Ikenna has been arrested by the authorities in India for being in possession of 10 grams of crystal meth and 18 grams of cocaine. 

The arrest prompted a raid of Ikenna’s house located in Kardampuri in Jyoti Nagar area of India where the 18 grams of cocaine was found after the crystal had been initially discovered on him. 

Ikenna, “who has been singing like a bird since his arrest by a team of policemen led by ACP Gokulpuri Anuj Kumar”, according to police officials, revealed that he is just the third man in the chain of distribution.

The Nigerian has also been accused of residing in the country without a visa after initially entering in 2013 as a professional footballer. 

He equally revealed in the chat with police that the said football career hit the rocks with a bang forcing him to seek another source of income.

Findings revealed that every month Ikenna would go to Mumbai and meet his source named Angel. He would then bring the contraband to Delhi.

The group was primarily catering to college students in various Universities across Delhi-NCR. Ikenna would go to parties and music events and contact his customers. Cops said he would only give the drugs to his trusted customers.

He faces death sentence if found guilty of the offence.