NPA issues new guidelines for promotion of staff 

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Nigerian Ports Authority (NPA) has released new guidelines for the career progression of its staff.

The new guidelines were contained in an internal memorandum dated 12th July 2021 titled ‘Review of Career Progression’, a copy of which was obtained by SHIPS & PORTS.

The memo, according to a source, is aimed at addressing complaints of stagnation on the same Grade Level by workers of the authority.

“Management has observed with concern the agitations generated by the conduct of the late review of career progression of some employees in the Authority.

“In order to address some of the issues raised, a further review has been conducted and as a result, the criteria as stated in the previous Circular Ref. HQ/P&A/CON/ 1/1223 dated 18th September, 2019 has been amended as indicated below.

“Employees who have stagnated for six (6) years and above as at 1st February, 2006 should be granted One Grade level placement.

“Employees who have stagnated for five (5) years post-concession exercise of 2006 should be granted one incremental placement.

“Accordingly, the eligibility period (cut-off date) of the above shall be from 1st February 2006 – 1st June 2007. The effective date of the career progression is now 16th July 2019.

“Furthermore, for the purpose of clarity, it is pertinent to state that employees who are within the under listed categories even if they fall within the cut-off date will not be eligible for the review,” the memo reads.

The criteria that may debar promotion, according to the memo, include failed exams; redesignated, upgrade or conversion; lack of pre-requisite qualifications and “terminal point of career”.