Pirates attack boats, 2 die, many missing in Rivers

3 piracy incidents reported within 20 days in Singapore Strait


Two passengers were killed in a pirate attack on two commercial boats around Dema Abbey Community on Bonny waterways on Tuesday.

Rescue operation for many of the passengers in the two boats who were still missing as at the time of filing in this story was in progress as at the time of filing this report.

It was learnt that on seizure of the two boats on the waterway, the pirates compelled the passengers to jump into the water.

In the process, not less than two out of about 14 passengers drowned, while the rest struggled to swim to the nearby bushes and mangroves.

Confirming the incident, the Chairman of Bonny Local Government Area, David Irimagha, said security agencies were mobilized to respond to distress calls from victims of the attacks.

He further said that security agencies were on the trail of the perpetrators of the attacks with a view to apprehending them and bring them to face the wrath of the law.

“From the very first call we mobilized the security agencies who equally responded speedily, unfortunately, the timing of the incident became a worrisome challenge.

“Nevertheless security operatives were there to secure the rescued persons and also search for others still inside the water while also chasing the criminals.

“They later moved the rescued persons to Polokiri Aru-Gbanama, from where they later escorted them to Bonny,” he said.

Piracy has been the bane of marine transportation in coastal communities of the Niger Delta.