Are you satisfied with the handling of the huge cash discovered by EFCC in Ikoyi?



Ruth Ogenechuko
Ruth Ogenechuko Lagos

No, I am not satisfied. It is clear to all that this matter could have been better handled.Houses do not fall from the sky. The amount of money we were told was found inside a house. I am sure the money did not walk from the mint or the bank vaults into the house. Nigerians deserve to know how this happened, though I heard EFCC are still doing their investigation. We hope the truth will be unravelled for the world to see because so many people are claiming that the money belongs to them.



Imam Bashir
Imam Bashir Ilorin Kwara State.

I am satisfied and also happy with the way it is being handled because this is one of the major anti-corruption crusades of this present administration in power. As a result of this, so much money has been recovered at unbelievable places. But the fear I have is, if the money is not used for the growth of the economy. I expect the money to be channelled for various investments in the country.




Abdulateef Babamale
Abdulateef Babamale Ilorin

 I am not pleased because the process of investigating the money recovered by EFCC is not speedy.The owners of the money should have been behind bars for thorough investigation. A lot need to be corrected in our judicial system, most especially issues that have to do with financial crimes. If it were to be in other countries, the Director-General of NIA would have being executed for laying false claims to that huge sum of money but rather the matter is being handled with lack of seriousness from those in power.





Idowu Babareke
Idowu Babareke Ilorin

No, I am not satisfied because the controversy generated by the discovery of the huge sums of money in Ikoyi flat has not been managed at all. For once, the Federal Ministry of Information has gone to sleep, not to talk about the EFCC itself. There are so many questions waiting for answers and some of these questions range from who is the owner of the particular flat, and how the money got into the house? The intervention of the Federal government is expected urgently to bring an end to the mess of all the money been recovered here and there.




Bisola Mofe
Bisola Mofe Lagos

I am not. It took EFCC days to come up with details of who owned the apartment.They made it look like their fight is against the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) as the media initially reported that it was found in an apartment that belong to a former PDP chairman.Too many stories about the same event went round for the first three days. I think they should have had all their facts before involving the media which should be accurate and precise. Investigation should be done properly and the truth should be revealed to Nigerians.




Dolapo Awodiji
DolapoAwodiji Lagos

I am very pleased with the way EFCC is handling this issue.EFCC is not responsible for management of the fund discovered in Ikoyi, their major function has been carried out. EFCC’s function is to go against all public and private institutions that embezzled the public fund.  Also, the Federal government has set up a committee incharge of the fund and EFCC has being instructed to invite all possible owners of the fund for questioning.





BolajiAjisebutu Lagos

I am satisfied with the way EFCC has carried out their main function but I am not satisfied with the way the Federal government is handling the controversy generated by the recovered loot. It is absolute nonsense to imagine that the raided apartment has no owner and also the recovered money.We are all left in a dilemma by an agency of government to believe in this entire unfortunate disaster. The suspension of the head of the National Intelligence Agency (NIA) is not good enough.He should have been arrested immediately; thoroughly investigated and possibly prosecuted for the embarrassment he has caused Nigeria. We cannot continue this way otherwise, we will not improve on any development in this country.


Olamide Jimoh

I would say yes and no. The reason is because it is a slap on our nation in the sense that a Federal government agency discovered the money and another agency claimed ownership of the money. So, what is the role of the presidency in this matter? How can an agency keep such large amount of money in cash when the government is pursuing a cashless policy? What was the rationale behind the National Intelligence Agency (NIA) keeping the money in a house instead of a bank? On the other hand, I am satisfied with the way EFCC is doing her job and they should be encouraged for doing a good job.



Emmanuel Oduntoye
Emmanuel Oduntoye Ilorin

No. They have failed woefully in managing this whole issue because the investigation carried out has not exposed the real owners of the money. It is obvious that the money has been there for quite a long time.It could be left-over money from the elections. Some of the questions that need answers are what role did the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) play? How many people have withdrawn such huge amounts of foreign currencies in the last three years? Even those in power are not helping matters.Rather than standing up to clear their names, they are relying on threats of using the judiciary to settle scores. It will interest the public to get answers to these questions from government.


Ogunrotimi Damilola
OgunrotimiDamilola Ado Ekiti


Not satisfied at all. I think there is a cabal. The culprits are part of the cabal and so it has become a hard nut to crack for the anti-corruption agencies to expose them.My opinion is that the truth be told and the culprits brought to book, so it will serve as a deterrent to others who are in the act and yet to be discovered. I also appreciate the implementation of the whistle blowing policy of the Federal government because it is helping the country recover so much money.



Felicia Adenuga
Felicia Adenuga Ibadan

 Yes, I am satisfied because they are doing a good job. But the recovered money should be used for the growth of the economy. Meanwhile, the owners of these monies should be fished out by all means and made to face the wrath of the law. I am sure if investigated properly, more money will be found.







Victor Wesley
Victor Wesley Ilorin

I am not satisfied because EFCC is also part of the government. But in fairness, the level at which corruption is in Nigeria will not permit anyone under the EFCC to be trusted in the sense that there is still claim that more whistles will be blown. I feel the money recovered should go into the national treasury so that the money will be spent on what the country need and used to pay back the loans Nigeria has collected.






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