Stakeholders discuss IMO GHG reduction in Copenhagen

Stakeholders discuss IMO GHG reduction in Copenhagen

A seminar in Green House Gas (GHG) Emissions in shipping organised by the International Maritime Organisation (IMO) has been concluded this week in Copenhagen, Denmark. The event, organized in cooperation with Danish Shipping, produced many valuable conclusions that will hopefully help stakeholders to approach this complex issue.

The representative of Danish Shipping, Maria Skipper Schwenn, set the stage for the discussion mentioning the importance of creating a level playing field for all parties involved during her brief opening speech. After that the audience has been left in the hands of the seminar’s moderator, Niels Bjørn Mortensen.

The first session gave the participants an overview of the regulatory framework behind the GHG emission reduction goals set by IMO. 

Also speaking at the event, an IMO Technical Officer, John Calleya reassured the gathering that the organization remained committed to reducing GHG emissions from international shipping and stating that technological innovation and global implementation of alternative fuels and energy sources will be integral to achieving the overall ambition.

The importance of prioritizing the measures already available has been underscored by Petra Doubkova, Policy Officer at EC’s DG MOVE. Reduction needs to happen as soon as possible by building upon existing instruments. Possible short-term measures cited by Ms Doubkova included the strengthening of EEDI for new ships, by, among other things, possible tightening of the reduction rates, also improving the energy efficiency of existing ships and optimization or better management of speed. A silver-bullet solution does not yet exist.

Source: Actia Forum