TIPS: 5 simple ways to conquer your fear of flying

fear of fying

Has flying kept you from exploring the world? Here are some easy ways to help you get over your fears:

  1. Familiarize yourself with the sights and sounds of flying
  2. Understand the bumps and movements of an airplane
  3. Talk to friends who have flown. Ask them to describe the process from start to finish. Question them about turbulence. Do they have a “bad turbulence” story? Chances are that they do. Then, realize they are still here to tell you the story.
  4. If the idea of turbulence is your nemesis, grab a seat on the wing of the plane.
  5. Closing your eyes and imagining that you are just taking a bus ride can really help.

Giving in to your fear of flying can cause you to miss out on the fantastic chance of traveling the world.

The confidence and sense of accomplishment you gain by visiting a distant land is only more gratifying when you arrive by conquering your fears.