Trade war: Port of Long Beach record low cargo volumes


Cargo volumes fell at the Port of Long Beach in July as impacts from the ongoing U.S.-China Trade War continue to hamper trans-Pacific trade. 

The Port of Long Beach reported a total 621,780 TEUs moved through the port this past July, down 9.7 percent compared to July 2018. Imports decreased 9.9 percent to 313,350 TEUs, and exports shrank 6.8 percent to 111,654 TEUs. Empties were also 11 percent lower, at 196,777 TEUs.

“The trade war is hitting the West Coast hard,” said Port of Long Beach Executive Director Mario Cordero. “For more than a year, the supply chain has bent under the weight, and there’s very little give left. If the tariffs continue and escalate as planned next month, American consumers could see higher prices during the holiday season as businesses pass along their costs.”

Through July, more than 4.3 million TEUs have moved through the Port’s terminals, down 7.2 percent compared to the same time last year.