Truck drivers speak on planned restriction of rickety trucks from seaports


Taking an old truck out of the road is like removing food from the mouth of over 30 people, because it will affect the owners and the truck drivers. If there is no adequate plan arrangement before the policy takes off, it means that many citizens will be out of jobs and we should remember that in some part of the country, some farmers could not go to their farms. Majority of them are now loaders and off loaders at their various places, even some are now drivers and motor boys. So, government has to do the needful before the implementation.

Samuel Udoku


The authorities need to put into consideration so many things before coming up with this decision. Getting a new truck is very expensive and that is why so many owners of the trucks cannot afford it. Rather, they try to do a lot of maintenance to the old trucks they have. I think what the government should do before placing the ban is to create an enabling environment for truck owners and equally make available funds to change the old trucks because manufacturers and importers rely on truck owners to convey their consignments from the port to their various warehouses and destinations.

Umar Mohammad


 I am not in support of it because anything can happen to a new truck, it can become faulty too. It is what you have you will use to make ends meet. The government should not take this step at all because it will affect the truck drivers.

Tunde Afeire


Most of the trucks are old trucks, getting a new truck is costly. Banning rickety trucks is not a good option because new trucks can go bad at any time. No one can determine what happens to a vehicle at any minute. It is not a good development. What is the reason for the ban because either good or bad truck will pay charges before going into the port?

Aliu Adekunle


It is not a good suggestion at all because any truck either old or new will develop a fault or another without giving prior notice. So, what happens if a new truck goes faulty? Will the authorities also ban it? They have to put things into consideration before deciding on the ban.

Adeoye Oluwashiji


I am in support of it because most of the trucks used in conveying goods in and out of the port are bad and that is why there are so many accidents on our roads. I believe with this, the owners of the trucks will be forced to get new truck to replace a very old ones.

Tony Oghrodi


It is not a good decision and this will affect a lot of truck drivers. The fault of rickety truck is not ours because once the truck is faulty; the owner needs to replace it with a new one and this is quite expensive. How do you expect us to survive? Not all truck owners can easily replace their trucks; rather they fix any fault on the truck.

Sola Dauda


I don’t think the government put people into consideration before making laws. All they do is decide without consulting the people that are actually using the trucks every day. I must say that our roads are bad and that is what affected and is affecting most of the trucks on the road. Why not fix the roads and then take this decision of banning rickety trucks.

Idifreke Effiong


It is a good decision and I am in support of it. We all have to help ourselves to make Nigeria a better place, especially Lagos. The truth is that some of the owners of the truck are greedy. The money that is meant to be used to purchase one truck will be used in purchasing three trucks. This is why some of the trucks get bad easily because some are used trucks. All the driver does is to drive the truck, without knowing if it is in a good condition or not. It is a very sensitive case, so the government needs to ensure that before license is given to a truck owner, the truck should be new and in perfect shape.

Niyi Adeoye


It is not a good development. This will affect so many drivers because there are graduates among us. It is not all truck owners that can afford to get a new truck. The government should be careful in taking decisions because it will breed more armed robbers and so on. If care is not taken, most truck drivers will lose their job as a result of this decision.


Gbenga Akinibi