VOX POP: Has Buhari’s Presidential Order solved Apapa gridlock?

Nelson Imo

No it has not solved the gridlock. Since the government started repairing the road, it has never been normal because it used to be four lanes and now has been reduced to two lanes. Rather than making it better, it has made matters worse. There are other routes for containers to pass through but it is only one route that the containers are plying, so the order has not stopped the gridlock on the port access road. Everywhere in Apapa is messy. I feel what the government need to do is to channel containers to different places or open other ports outside Apapa. The roads need to fixed as soon as possible, for instance, Tin Can road is a no-go area and is locked down completely.






Bolaji Balogun

The presidential order did not work at all and I don’t think it will happen because a lot of people are lying to the President. I can remember when the Vice President came here and also the Lagos State Governor also came after the order was placed and all these yielded nothing.










Aminu Abubakar

No, it has not because as far as the gridlock is there, then the order has not been implemented. Some truck drivers are saying except the President comes himself to drive them away, they will not leave the road. The point is, there is nowhere for the trucks to move to. Although, the Nigerian Ports Authority is saying there is a place but we have not seen any park. There is need for the government to ensure there is a physical park for the truck drivers to keep their trucks and not just for the maritime stakeholders to be saying there is a truck park.








Adebisi Ladigbolu

No it has not made anything better. Directives don’t work by mere saying; actions have to be put in place before directives can work. There should be a lot of truck parks and not just one mentioned which to me is not physical because I have not seen lesser trucks on the road. I believe Apapa port is not the only port in Nigeria. Other ports should be used for the trucks to move there and offload their containers to ease off the Apapa gridlock. Without doing that, I do not see the Presidential order happening anytime soon even if the truck drivers are forced to leave the road.






Joseph Olusola

No it has not and I don’t think the order can solve the gridlock. I think what Apapa needs presently is for the road to be fixed and other modes of transportation should be used effectively. The point, Apapa road leads to the port and that is where the trucks ply to offload their goods at the port every now and then; if there are other routes then the road will not be in bad shape as it is now. The railways are not useful and even the waterways, so tell me; no other option other than Apapa road which has become a pain in the neck for everyone. I am sorry to tell the President that on the issue of Apapa gridlock, the order cannot be visible except the right thing is done by the government.






Amos Efeamo

Yes because I see improvement everyday on Apapa road. Although there is a little bit of delay on the part of those controlling the traffic due to some reasons best known to them but Apapa road is getting better, not totally solved but gridlock easing off gradually.










Friday Ajabor

Yes because the gridlock on Apapa road is now lesser compared to then when Apapa was a no go area, I believe the Presidential order made this possible and I hope this continues and the road, especially Tin Can road, should be fixed.










Hassan Sadiq

Yes and it is a good initiative by President Buhari to restore order to Apapa and its environs. Before, it was disorder, which led to a lot of illegalities. The major concern is not the starting, but the continuity. If not, things will go back to the way it has always been. I would say for the problem of Apapa gridlock to be fully solved, rail services must be deployed and roads made accessible.









Murphy Adebayo

It is a nice approach way of handling the trucks movement because it has aided free flow of traffic. I believe if sustained, Apapa will be a new place entirely. Also, I want to thank the government for coming up with the Lilypond holding bay, which serve as a truck park. I commend the President on the order.









Olarenwaju Ahmed

Yes it has really helped the Apapa gridlock and it has allowed free movement but I want to urge the government to lay off the security agencies on the port access road especially the Police officers because they extort a lot of money from the truck drivers all in the name of free movement of trucks into the port.





Taiye Akinade

No it has not because Apapa is still in a mess as it has always been. This port access road will continue to be like this irrespective of the amount of security agencies, rules and regulations. I will say that if the people involved do not agree to move forward, the order will continue to be of no use.









Friday Kachi

Yes it has because the traffic is now lesser, unlike then when the whole port access road is always on standstill and there will be no movement of trucks or cars. This order has reduced a lot of chaos caused by security agencies also.










Abayomi Akorede

No because the gridlock is getting heavier every now and then. I want to plead with the President to ensure that other ports are opened for use and not just Lagos port to ensure free movement on the port road. It is time for other means of transportation like the railway and waterways to be used for movement of cargoes also.









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