What are your expectations from an APC-led government?

The Presidential election has come and gone with the candidate of the All Progressives Congress (APC), Gen. Muhammadu Buhari winning the election. As a new government is set to take over on May 29, 2015, Nigerians across the country speak what they expect from the incoming government.

Buhari should block all those loopholes that those corrupt guys used to siphon our money abroad. He should reduce, if not eliminate, broad daylight looting. He should take to court those found of weakening this economy through their corrupt activities and use the money recovered to develop this economy. Good roads, health care facilities, railway network are some of the things all Nigerians would want to see. He can do it by God’s grace.

Along Johnson, maritime worker.

I expect to see positive changes in the economy as proposed by the president-elect during his campaigns. The positive changes entail increase in economic activities, providing employment opportunities and a stable society. I also expect the incoming government to provide adequate security for the people. Also, government should ensure that there is credibility, accountability and transparency in government.

Bisola Mohammed, Unemployed graduate.
We are happy about this change but the issue of fuel price is the first thing the new government needs to tackle. The price of our fuel is too high. The new government should also work on power supply which has been really bad in this country for a while. I would have said Buhari should put in place free education for all, but that may not be possible.

Mrs. Desola Opeola, Trader.


I’m not expecting a messiah but I’m expecting a leadership that would give Nigeria a direction, a path and a legacy. I want a leadership that would reconcile the various zones in the country and not sectionalise the country along religious and tribal lines. I want someone who can say ‘YES’ and ‘NO’ and not sit on the fence or be timid to make important decisions. I want someone who will surround himself with proven and tested quality hands to work with. That is what I expect from Maj. Gen. Muhammadu Buhari (retd.).

Green Abenabe, post-graduate student, University of Ibadan.



We are really concerned about power supply. A lot of things are connected to the poor power supply in the country. Many people are hungry because there is no power supply to run their businesses. If the new government solves that problem, there would be food on our tables.

Mrs. Kehinde Obateye, Trader.



My first thought is that for the first time in the history of Nigeria’s democracy, the will of the masses was not subverted. The results in some eastern states based on percentages are questionable, though.

However, we believe this newly elected government will be a friend of the masses. I expect this government to truly have the interests of the people at heart. I don’t expect the newly elected government to be run with fragrant impunity like President Goodluck Jonathan’s government. I expect the new government to be prudent and accountable for public funds.

I also personally expect that the new government will sieve the existing cabinet members and ensure that subsequent appointees are thoroughly scrutinised and assessed. Government should ensure there is steady and affordable electricity for Nigerians. With this, Nigeria will move away from being a consumer nation.

Abimbola Fayemi, Civil servant.


We voted for this new government because we wanted change. Now that we have voted the new government in, it should ensure that it solves our security challenges. Power supply must be stable while corruption which has been destroying our country must be eradicated. But Nigerians must not forget to be prayerful. We cannot totally put our trust in a man. With God on our side, the change we need would come to pass.

Jide Adedeji, Pastor.



First, we need good roads. For instance, I expect the new government to complete ongoing road projects like the Lagos-Ibadan Expressway because it’s causing the people so much problem. There have been too many accidents on our roads. Also, the new government should focus on youth empowerment and employment generation. With that, the crime rate will drastically reduce in the country.

Sulaimon Adegbolu, Welder.


I expect that all the promises the party and its candidates made to us during electioneering would be fulfilled, and in the first 100 days of this new government, we should be seeing traces of a government that is set to deliver on its promises. All the promises won’t happen in 100 days, but there must be evidences here and there that we can hold on to. Beyond that, I expect this government to tame Boko Haram, make our currency more valuable, give us stable power supply and work on our refineries so that we can stop importing refined petroleum products. I also want the issue of unemployment to be reduced, by creating jobs for people. Above all, if the new government can fulfil all those promises it made while campaigning, Nigeria will be a better place for us.

Esther Alidu, Communications officer.


I’m really looking forward to a significant transformation in Nigeria, better relationships with our leaders and a deepened sense of unity in governance. I would love to read reports I’ve never read before. I get tired of seeing the same old stories in our papers. It gets boring at times. Sometimes you can complete the story in your mind by just reading the headline. Imagine seeing the very best news stories. Stories on innovations, developments, completed projects, functional committees who attend to problems and actually resolve them in the most remarkable ways. I look forward to visionary leadership. A government that challenges us to rethink our actions and decisions as individuals. People who model integrity, diligence and inspire greatness. I think our communities have lost that and what’s worse, not many people are looking out anymore. I want the three tiers of government working amicably rather than each one doing its own thing, with no communication whatsoever.

Okewole Ibukun, Student.


I want the new government to have total respect for the rule of law and for Nigeria to have an improved justice system, which is very important for any country that wants to develop. Our education needs quality reform, if we must have a saner society. I expect this new government to fight corruption, the bane of our development. I want it to cut government’s spending and wastages, such as reducing the number of appointees and allowances for political office holders. I also expect that power supply will improve, maybe through decentralised generation and distribution, whilst focusing on generating more revenue from the non-oil sectors. Appointments should be based on capability, professionalism and expertise so we can have round pegs in round holes. I hope this government will be progressive in terms of the policies it formulates.

Abe Temitope.


We all voted for this government and are happy about the success story. But we want the coming government to take the issue of security seriously. We are not secure in this country and many of us are living in fear. Inflation should also be tackled. What is the use of having money that is worthless?

Ilori Akande, Artisan.


Successive administrations in Nigeria have not done too well for women. All the promises made have hardly been fulfilled. But now that Buhari has come on board, we want him to change all of that. His government must empower and give women more opportunities. This is very important for women in this country.

Nne Owoh, Housewife.


My expectations are many, but top on the list is power supply. I’m hoping for a drastic improvement in that sector. I expect a situation whereby government will be prudent in spending our collective wealth, and tackle insecurity. It is also necessary for us to have functional and efficient refineries so that we can stop importation in that sector. Even if we won’t stop it, let it be reduced drastically. The electoral system must be reviewed so that people’s vote would count and the process would be devoid of some avoidable hiccups to boost people’s confidence in the process. Anti-corruption agencies should be strengthened and be made independent for a better performance. These are not things that would happen overnight, with the state of the economy now, but I’m hoping that in two years time, there should be measurable improvements in many areas.

Bolarinwa Balogun, Estate Surveyor.


President-elect, General Muhammadu Buhari (retd.) should learn a great deal from the mistakes of President Goodluck Jonathan, whom I still respect so much despite his lapses. He should run an open government whereby citizens can ask the government questions, a situation whereby we can lend a voice to the way the system is run. We don’t want a scenario whereby Nigeria is run like a secret cult. Every activity of the government should be let out in the open and he should strengthen the media in this respect.

Queeneth Ofuru, Model.


The president-elect has been in government before, so that would save us the time of him being tutored or being told what to do. So many promises were made during their campaign, so, I expect him to fulfil those promises, and it’s another opportunity for him to correct some of the negative perceptions people have about him. I expect him to fight corruption, especially in the public service, and in the way contracts are awarded. I also want an improvement in power supply, because when basic amenities are in place, it is easy to think and actualise one’s plans. It also allows for innovation, for as many that would want to establish businesses of their own. He should also tackle insecurity, which has been a setback for the economy.

Orungbe Dare, Musician.


I want him to represent every tribe in Nigeria in his cabinet and not be sentimental in choosing those who run the various offices in the system. He should embrace everyone and fix only reputable and competent people to run our ministries and other organisations. We need innovation in the system and this can never happen if he gives a free hand to those who once ran down this country again. We need new wine in this new bottle.

Oladayo Okunola, Businessman.
This is a struggle that we have been on for a very long time and we are glad that it has finally paid off. We are looking up to him to deliver to us the true dividends of democracy.

Buhari, during his address to the nation after his victory, has assured that he would tackle insecurity, empower people, revive the economy and provide jobs. He has told us that his government would not be a one man show, so we are waiting for him to fulfil these promises. I am expecting that the new administration under General Buhari would cater for the masses that have been at the receiving end of all the problems in the country. The youths need job and if the administration can tackle this, it would bring joy to our hearts.

Johnson Emenike, Businessman.


I’m sorry to say this, but one of President Goodluck Jonathan’s many flaws is that he shouldn’t have allowed the thieves in our government think they were not corrupt. Buhari shouldn’t make light of issues. He should deal with anyone who steals just N1 from taxpayers’ money. He should purify this system because that’s why Nigerians voted for him. We believe he could change the situation of things.

Abiori Shontelle, Businesswoman.


My father told me that General Buhari performed very well during his time as Head of State and so I believe that he would perform even better in a democratic government. He would do a lot of good things that the entire world would see and salute. I believe that things would go well but then my expectation is that the educational system would be greatly improved so that ordinary citizens can have access to quality education. Jobs too must be created, there should be infrastructural development and economic growth. The General is surrounded by intelligent people, so I am confident that they would do well for Nigeria.

Amadi Rogers, Student.


I am not expecting too much from the incoming government. I just want the new government to provide an enabling environment for us – constant light and security. That is all I ask for. Any other thing is a bonus.

Yemi Oladeinde.


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